A group for those near to London, weather you live near or just feel near spiritually. Even if you've never been to the "Great Metrolops" but feel some sort of emotional connection. Hope it helps people down south to co-ordinate a bit.
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  • London One Man band festival in London with Dollar Bill and Hollowbelly free at the Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch.

    TONIGHT - music on at 9.30.1515202820?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • London One Man band festival in London starting next week til the end of March.

    Kicks off with Dollar Bill and Hollowbelly free at the Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch on Weds 20th.

    Anyone else going?


  • One Man Band festival in London next March. Hollowbelly we know, and Dollar Bill plays a bit of CBG too. Loads of good stuff and the mighty Bob Log as well.


  • Anyone from The Smoke off to Boxstock? I've just booked ticket, accommodation and train.

  • Hi Geoffrey! Sorry, I've been a bit distant for a while, work, builders in the house and what not. I didn't make it to Boxstock last weekend due to a minor flood at home (sorry John). I'd be happy to meet up, I'm right in the centre of town, near Moorgate. I'd be happy to have a look at your cbg, and try and give an opinion. I'm currently studying guitar building part time at CASS. I'm no expert, but might be able to help. 

  • To be brutally honest, Cigar Box Nation isn't the force it used to be. I think it's suffering from competition from Facebook, and the fact that it's not what it was when Shane was at the helm.  It seems to be a USA focussed commercial operation now, which is all well and good, but it doesn't appear to have the direction it used to. I've just run Boxstock and although I can't do a really accurate analysis of how many people came to it thru' this website, I'd guess literally a handful, maybe 5% max of the total attendance, which says a lot about the power and influence of CBN.

  • Parts of the site have become very quiet. Some moved to Facebook, Others moved onto other interests. The British group http://www.cigarboxnation.com/group/thebritsarecoming still has some traffic passing through and would be a better place to post for UK related items, or even post on the forums - they receive most views.
  • .Hmmm!......not a peep from anybody, and no posts on here (apart from mine) in the last six months....
    methinks this group fairly defunct....or maybe just
    populated by those solely interested in their own stuff
  • made a cbg, a joyfull experience, can't even begin to play it(or any other instrument).....and put off because I can't seem to even begin to get a decent slide sound out of it....
    I'd love to hook up, even briefly, with knowledgeable one to work out whats wrong ( with my method or my cbg) i'm based in s e london, but can travel.....
  • What happened to Leadfoot?   He was to be deployed with the British military to a  sandy location.   It has been a couple of years or so since he was heard from here.

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Boxstock travel and places to sleep, anyone from the south east area fancy going in a goup?

hows it going fellow CBGers? i want to go to Boxstock as im sure a lot of you do...theres just one problem (or rather a list of problems that il rap into one tidy package) i dont drive and im poor.lol. so its public transport all the way for me by the looks of things...or is it??? what im thinking is, why not spread the cost of a mini bus and chuck a few quid to a driver. also il have a look about for hotels or bnbs that can cut us a deal for a group booking. if i get some interest then were…

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sidcup cigar box soiree

Hi everyoneFollowing the success of Brian's Newton Abbot shindig we have decided to organise the Sidcup cigar box soiree. To be held on Saturday 10th September 2011 at the Old Bexley & Sidcup Conservative Club 19 Station Road, Sidcup, DA15 7EB.Confirmed so far are StumbleCol, Lost Tone, Slowpaw Steve T, Roadkill aka John Maw and Brickdust & Pyno. Anyone else interested in taking part please get in touch and we will take it from there. Further details to follow when we get an idea of potential…

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CBGs in Luton and Cambridge

Just a little reminder. Coming up this Friday (10th June 2011) in Luton is the legendary Chickenbone John. Details here. If anyone from this area plans to go and is traveling round the M25 in either direction and fancies teaming up with others along the way then please mention it here.  I am not sure yet, but if I go (which I would very much like) I will be traveling from J17 to J21 of the M25 and then north on to the M1. If anyone is doing a similar route please get in touch.  Something else…

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