Akron, OH


December 27

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  • You build some nice CBG's. Got any picks of the innards? As I was looking at picks I thought I saw a build in which the neck did not go through the entire box. Is it possible to do that?

  • This is my first attempt to build a CBG. I hope that they only get better. I see that you have built a few. Very Nice ones, too. My big problem right now is learning to play it. I have never played a guitar so I really don't have a clue on how to learn. I see you are from Akron, could I impose on you for some guidance?

  • thanks for the add.
  • Okay Jefferson. Now I understand your email. Yes, Jay is here on the Nation.


    Here is the Keni Lee Relic in action:


    If you are in the market for a quality CBG, he is definitely one of the better builders to consider in your selection. Enjoy, Keni Lee

  • Thanks Jefferson!
  • Thanks for the friend invite .....




  • Thank you Jefferson for your friendship. Enjoy.
  • cheers for the shout, good to have you as a friend. likin yr cbg 4 pics, great sound holes:0)
  • Yeh, don't sweat it, I of course realize not everyone has the kind of patience for detail as i do, but the rustic look you achieved is what i have problems with. Roughin' up stuff i put a lot of work into is not my strong point. Everyone seems to like what i do, and digs my designs, but ya wanna know the secret, a lot of planning and getting proportions right so everything kinda flows and looks (right) together.


  • Here's my version of cross sound holes.
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