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  • Pretty sucky weather for summer this year, where’s the heat?

  • I’m in Cali, Rancho Cucamonga.  HMU if you want to

  • Aloha all and good day,

    Well interesting thing happeded last Saturday.

      went to see a friend I gave a cbg to and he gave it back with a note that said glue the fret board down it might play better. Oh dummy me  got in a hurry . so all I have to sy is SLOW DOWN  and take your time Its not a race its not the finished product its how you got there. Iseemed to forgot that is the most important part of building is the journey aloha all Tommy

  • Glad to see there are folks in California building CBG's.  I am in Orange if anyone is around Orange County area.  I've built a diddley bow and haven't quite finished my fretless three string.  I don't play....yet. Will be learning for sure.  Even if it's just noodling.  Got to get some mileage from what I want to build.

  • Only thing I can say Tommy is that after spending my "working life" as a tool and die machinist and finishing the last 20 plus years as an aircraft mechanic, part of what I enjoy about building cigar box guitars is working off the cuff without any plans.  I love just looking a pictures of other folks builds and then just letting the ideas grow in my head. Had one build that was a total disaster, but you never know when the next one will be the best one yet.  Half of the fun is experimenting and trying things just to see the results.

  • oh dummy me . found other site duck forgive me please .


  • Duck, ichecked  out the web site  not really any help there. What I need is to be shown how one is built beginning to end.

    I got a disk type resonator from cb gitty and all the stuff to build it

    I just want to do it right. My pop said "anything worth doing is worth doing right" any help is cool tommy

  • Here is one source for info on resonators.

    Another way to find information is at the very top of this page there is a red stripe and on the right side is a "search" box.

  • Need a little help, how to build a cbg w a reasonator.

    Has anyone done this yet? thanks for all comments

  • hello,

    l am in Windsor, Calif...........about an hour above San Francisco...........take a look see @ The beginner'z  box...........on fb.......l am 57 and a grandpa too......dusty

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Just finished my first cbg!

Finally had some free time so I finished it today (although I still may make some adjustments). Here's some pics (I hope they come out, this is my first time trying to post pictures on CBN) [IMG][/IMG] I didn't have any spare tuners laying around, so I thought I'd try an idea using eye bolts in the same manner as my old Steinberger headless guitar. Instead of wrapping the string around a post, the string is looped onto the…

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