Rancho Cucamonga, CA


October 2

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  • Hi Tim, a pleasure to be your friend.

  • Hi, Tim.  I like your gutiars, especially the dog and the eye-bolt tuner builds.

  • Thanks Tim, I appreciate the kind words. There are definitely great folks here and a vast amount of knowledge archived in the forums... but it's not as active as it used to be. If you're a Facebook user you should check out some of the cigar box guitar groups there, it's a lot more lively. 

    A few I belong to are:
    Cigar Box Guitar
    Fretless Cigar Box Guitars - Builders & Players Group
    Cigar box guitar Builders owners and players

  • Many thanks for your comment, Tim. I decided that good old steel braces, steel bolts and plenty of steel screws were the way forward to getting a solid build with less chance of vibration and buzzing. Seems to have worked out OK and gives the option of taking it all apart again for future modifications - although I'd rather not!

  • thank you Tim, talk soon, wood, wood, wood. love the amp, "speaker grill" never grows old.

  • Hi Tim, and welcome to the obsession. This is Grandpa, here in La Habra, CA (N. Orange County). Been buildin' about 4 1/2 years, have made a bunch of gits. Give me a call if you want to talk about gits and building. I don't know about any local cbg fests, but I have a couple of "show and sell" events I'm attending over the next couple of months if you're interested.

    Reach out--(562) 458-2881.


  • That’s looking good Tim I’m sure it will sound great every one you build has it own voice to be found looking forward to a sound check . 

  • Gday TIM glad to have you onboard enjoy the fun and best of all no rules . Regards Jeff . 

  • Tim check out the profile pages of Jeff “Bones” Reilly & Rev. Todd Hansen, if you’re looking for cbgs with offset necks?

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