• I agree with anonymous.  It doesn't really matter. 

    The whole Fender spacing vs Gibson spacing is overblown.  When you bend a string, do you hear the volume change as it passes between the pickup poles?  I have a Strat with P-90s. Awesome combo, BTW, if you are into P90s.  The poles do not line up exactly with the strings.  Not an issue that I can hear.

    For 3 stringer, if the center string volume is weaker, raise the middle two poles higher.

    From someone that has been making pickups for 25 years:

    "CurtisNovak wrote:Yep I get this one a lot. It is not the magnets that make a pickup work it is the coil. You can actually make a pickup with out a magnet all together, but you can not make a pickup with just magnets. Your coils is the sensor, all the magnet does is magnify / intensify the field for the coil pickup. Secondly a magnet does NOT create a laser focus field it is much more of a flood field that encompasses a wide area. So it is not required to be directly under the string to work."

    Who is Curtis Novak?

  • Taffy, I pulled 2 poles with success, once. Maybe I just got lucky. The git hasn't come back for repair....but I'm going to advise others to NOT use this method. Fixing a git over a failed pickup problem that I caused would be a huge fail. Slant the 6 pole, or get a properly poled pickup.

  • Hi, I think pulling those two poles may cause the windings to collapse, but obviously the pickup still works, if you have used that idea. When I tried it the coil went slack and I junked the pickup.


  • Thanks, Taffy. I haven't posted for a while, I forgot about the glitch. Anyway, I was agreeing with AnonPick. I've slanted 6 pole p'ups so that the 1 and 6 poles are just outside the 1 and 3 strings, results have always been fine. I do believe that "sting adjacent" works great. Also, for those who don't know, a cb gitty 4 pole p/up cover will also fit the 6 pole p/up.Pull out poles 1 and 6,put 4 pole cover on to p/u, install and let 'er rip.

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  • Really , it's not much of an issue . the mag field radiates outwards  and will read the string even if it is off center . some folks try and slant  the pickup to align it better  .  but this can also effect tone on either end of the pickup .  thats not a bad thing .. just another reason  some pickups  are slanted .   some also use poleless pickups . , some even cover the pickup.  mostly for looks .  but long story short.. on a cbg  , it does not really matter  enough to make a big difference.... besides looks .

  • The reason why you center the strings over the magnets is because of signal strength & clarity, between the magnets will give you reduced volume & a muffled tone? 

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