We're discussing homemade dobro ideas.  From dog bowls to paint can lids and whatever else you can dream up...we wanna see it!  

What do you use on your cigar box guitars to get that metal sound?  Do you have a technique that projects sound like a dobro? Let's hear it!  

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  • Anthony, here's one to try: https://youtu.be/U9C2Xw8vit0
  • Where can I find a video tutorial to make a gas can dobro? I have an old gas can that I want to make into a dobro.

  • Latest cat bowl resonator, this bridge works well on these, costs less than a fiver for the bits + a 50 x 10 piece of stainless drilled and folded. 8469173677?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • My 2 builds. A 4 string Gas Can Dobro and my Strat-O-Rez Dobro.8142224888?profile=RESIZE_710x8142249284?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Needed to have something to play in the shower!
    4 String, 25" scale,with Charles Aitchison "Lightning" (5") resonator cone, Gitty gold covered single coil pickup, maple neck, mahogany fretboard.


    Used a recycled shower valve plate for the resonator cover, added a drawer pull. Was able to get the volume control to fit in an existing hole on the cover, fitted with a gold knob. Sink drain sound holes


    First time trying a zero fret nut. I like it! Gitty gold sealed tuners. Headstock maple with oak wings


    Here I am playing it with my son singing at an open mic


  • 3813024740?width=737&profile=RESIZE_710x

  • 306658350?profile=original306658565?profile=original306659753?profile=originalI'd like to show off the NO DOUGH BRO series I've been working on.

  • Hi you all. I stumbled back onto this site by seeing the paint can lid contest vid. Years ago I Saw a kid in a vid also playing a CBG and figured I could make one of my own. Went down hill from there, started to learn about gitars but never actually found the time to learn to play. Long story short, Sunday I decided I would enter the pant can lid contest and have been scrambling to put something together. I don't know if I am barking up the wrong tree with my build, will find out when I have it strung up. Hope I don't get strung up myself, it'll have six strings.

    Anyway, wanted to ask Wade about his lid. Looks cool, how did it change the sound? Any pictures of the lathe? Once I get this contest out of the way I will have to make a three string for work. I gave the one I originally made to a guy leaving work for better prospects.


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Making my first resonator - can anyone help me?

Hi all, I’ve just finished making my first dulcimer and, buoyed on by the success of its sound and build,  I’m excited to move on to another project. I’ve settled on trying my hand at a resonator /dobro three string CBG or ukulele. ive got the plastic back and wooden neck from a child’s guitar (slightly larger than a concert ukulele) and the base from an ancient-looking spring-form cake pan. The pan is just a flat circular bit of metal kinda like a paint can lid but a bit thicker - about 1-2mm…

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Intonation problem

Built this dobro a while ago. The intonation is a little sharp at the 12th fret. It’s good when playing with a slide though. My question or comment is... I don’t see a way to correct the problem once the guitar is finished.when the hole for the cone is cut it stays cut! I’ll just have to live with the problem.plus the way I built the inside of the box it can’t be changed. The next one I make I’m not going to add fret…

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1928 national tri cone reso 3 string mod

1928 national tri cone reso serial number 0 666 . YUP, 666 !!!!!!!!!Ok .- heres the story , I got the empty national body on ebay a while ago ,It’s a true 28 national , and is serial #0 666 I though “hummm” I gotta do something cool with this WITHOUT ALTERING THE ORIGINAL BODY .” so , I figured these plastic chrome skull Harley / rat rod tail light covers would look great in there and match the 666 theme . turns out they are a great fit and actually reso pretty good too.I made the neck out of a…

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