Nenzing, Vorarlberg


January 5

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  • Hi Thorsten,

    Thanks for the offer of assistance. 

    My first questions are what scale length did you use and how did you determine the fret placement?



  • Hi Thorsten,

    I don't know if you are still active on the forum, but I would very much like to ask a few questions about your cigar box saz.

  • Torsten I am using the three top strings of a regular acoustic guitar but I am turning them down with the top string to a B then the second string would be an E and then the third string would be an A hopefully this will reduce the bow in the bass guitar Thanks for your interest Mike
  • Thanks Thorsten, Much appreciated my friend.
  • Have Fun Whit It, just seen your smoke stack lightning, looks like fun!!

  • Guten Tag Thorsten ! Danke fur ere reactionen, Yes ! Its oke! to make a remix, but i want to hear it before you put it online!! and only use it for on the CB Nation!  thank you!

    Greeeetssszz A.D.

  • Danke vielmalls Thorsten Fur deine Worte !! alles Gute Sjueus!  Greeeettszzzz A.D.

  • I like what you build! Thanks for the friend request!
  • Gut, melde dich einfach, wenn du Interesse und Zeit hast.
  • Hallo Thorsten, zu deiner Anfrage, ob Slide oder bundiert - also beides, da ich gewöhnt bin, mich an den Bünden zu orientieren. Übrigens, habe einen kurzen Bericht über meinen Yamaha THR Amp im Forum geschrieben. Absoluter Hammeramp mit natürlichen (simulierten) Röhrenamps. Falls es dich interessiert, kann ich dir das Teil mal vorstellen.
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