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  • I've been playing a lot more lap steel lately. There's a couple recent vids on my page. I'm far from an expert, but they sure are fun to play.

  • Kool, thanx for sharing, Rowdy!

  • Hi everybody. I scored an early 30's "Troubador" lapsteel some time back. It's rare, as I've only seen one other online. Its solid cast aluminum and has a wider string spacing than what else ive seen. It's made by "Sound Projects Company" Chicago IL. Anyhow, this ol' girl cries.. check it's tone! 30s Lapsteel Tone

  • one of the many lap steels I have made is a 4 stringer 27 1/2" baritone using the bottom 4 strings of a set of Dunlop 56-13.  It has plenty of "growl".   this length is quite common for baritone,

  • @ Brian Q

    About 45 years ago I had a Rickenbacker Bakelite lap (a friend has it). Got it at a pawn shop for $25. So I'm somewhat familiar with the "Hawaiian" sound.

    I'm a big guy, 6'2", 210. I'm a baritone, "played" cello in junior high. I like body...depth...POWER. David Gilmour on 'One Of These Days', and though it's not a steel, the intro to "Sorrow" just gives me chills.

    As I said below, I'm not a musician, so much of the lingo does not compute, but I'm trying to learn.

    The sound and feel of baritone just seems natural to me. I love the weight. I saw the word associated with guitars and  thought "That's the ticket".

    So I have this idea. Right now I'm thinking of a body about 39-40" long, a 30" scale with 24 frets, a hardtail bridge, 3-on-a-plate tuners, If a single coil or single humbucker, the cavity is at 3.5"-6", if a second humbucker added, it's cavity will be at 7.5"-9".
    The jack and controls will be in a unique add-on box on the butt, and wings may be added so that a body profile might be created. I will probably build 2, the first out of Doug Fir, for proof-of-concept, then a nice one out of a slab of exotic wood I've had for 40 years. It's either Monkeypod or Koa, I don't know which.

    From that point, I'm clueless, certainly how to string it.

  • If you’re going baritone, then go bigger, you’ll need them if you’re going long scale? I have seen more than a few players use medium sets .013-.056 with a wound G string-GHS, Ernie Ball, etc., with scales beyond 25 1/2” . When I said daring, I meant your imagination? C6 is different from the regular open tunings, particularly good for shorter scale lengths, it has that glassy hawaiian sound, you’ll prolly like it?

  • Thx, Bill.

  • GHS and John Pearse also have good lap steel string sets.



  • A good set of strings for Lap Steel are Scotty's SIT non pedal/lap steel C 6th 

    Nickel Semi-Flats

    .015 .018 .022 .024 .030 .036

  • What does it take to get Gilmour's tone?

    I'd like to build a baritone. Scale? Strings? Tuning?

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