Poorness Studios commented on Dewayne Woodsman's photo
Poorness Studios commented on CLG's photo
"Nicely done. I always like these small amps."
Poorness Studios commented on Glenn Kaiser's photo
"I always enjoy these little makeshift diddleys you create."
May 31
Poorness Studios commented on AGP #'s photo
"I've really been into the solid body builds lately. I've not built a solid body yet but it's on my list. This one looks beautiful."
May 27
Poorness Studios commented on Doug Thorsvik's photo
"This is what it's about Doug. Exposing others to the magic of CBGs."
May 26
Poorness Studios liked T-Gripped's photo
May 26
Poorness Studios commented on T-Gripped's photo
"Wow. That is beautiful."
May 26
Poorness Studios left a comment for Doug Thorsvik
"Yeah Doug. I sent a message to Shane and Ben asking if there's a way to do that. It used to be you could just put /photos or /videos after someone's URL and that would bring up all their vids or pics. Now that doesnt' work. So far, I haven't gotten…"
May 25
Poorness Studios commented on Doug Thorsvik's photo
"I love these creative 3-d parts build Doug. I like that you make things so accessible."
May 23
Poorness Studios commented on Jonathan Jay Brandstater's photo
"Very cool design. I don't think I've ever seen one like this."
May 21
Poorness Studios commented on Jonathan Jay Brandstater's photo
"I like the clean simple builds like this. Nicely done. Keep 'em coming."
May 20
Poorness Studios commented on Southern Ray's photo
"I have a couple of Lynas slides and a drawing he did for me. I'm so glad I have them."
May 20
Poorness Studios commented on Jerry Jordan's photo
"Super clean and simple. I dig it."
May 19
Poorness Studios replied to Timothy Hunter's discussion CBN forums
"I've noticed a handful of bugs with the site and sent them to Ben and Shane. My biggest compalint is that you can no longer look at all the videos or photos published by a single user. It used to be you could simply add /photos or /videos after the…"
May 16
Poorness Studios replied to Shane Speal's discussion Nation 3.0 Updates from Shane
"Agreed. You've been a shining star BrianQ."
May 16
Poorness Studios replied to CLG's discussion Anonymous Pick
"I miss Anonymous Pick, Dave Lynas, and some others who are no longer with us. Sad."
May 16

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  • Thanks for checking Kale. We have the photos area on the right of our page that will let us get to all of our photos or anyone else if we go to their page too. It would be nice if they add the same thing for videos. Seems like an oversight to me.
  • You mentioned reviewing your CBN videos. In the old version of CBN it was easy to do at your personal page. I couldn’t find my videos at my page or yours at your page. What gives?
  • Good on you for posting those festival pics, I hardly see anything from cbg festivals on here anymore!
  • https://youtu.be/pAIar0O-yvg


  • Thanks Poorness for the kind comment ;-)

  • Hi Kale Thanks for bringing that to my attension , a editing Blip ,the correct version is reuploaded ! that movie program still gives me a headache ,! its under my attension for a next time ! thanks !

  • back in time , there was this guy that adapted the TI module ,he took it out the game , and connected it so that he coud us it live during band play, at the time i thougt it was pretty cool ! but i never coud set my self to break up the game , i did tape all the recorded game verbal for use in the future. does TI still do productions whit voice aplicated modules ,like the all translating Muama enence   translater?

  • 8522543462?profile=RESIZE_710xthis is the plant we call :Bear Claw8522543871?profile=RESIZE_710xlocal war against the Bear claw.

  • 8522483259?profile=RESIZE_710xsome details on the Home made Diggerido's

  • 8170347672?profile=RESIZE_710x

This reply was deleted.