This seems to affect some videos but not all and I can't quite figure out why. Some vids are still displaying correctly since the upgrade but others are displaying as small thumbnails like this…


Here’s how to fix them…

  1. Click the Option button at the top of the page and choose Edit Video
  2. Scroll down to the Code box which will resemble what is below...
  3. Edit the values so that iframe width=”480” and height= “270” (NOTE: do not edit the rest of the text in this box, just change the numbers and do not delete the quotes). It should look similar to this once edited...
  4. Click Update to save the change

The page should now display correctly with a larger video like shown below...


Unfortunately, I don't see a way to do this for all your videos so you have to fix them one by one which is time consuming but at least it's a way to fix them. I'll let CBN Mgmt know to see if there's a global fix option.

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  • Who knows? I noticed posts where you used the YouTube embed code seem to still be correct but things where you just used the YouTube URL are displaying really small. It's probably something in the logic they used behind the scenes. I also noticed that they're not universally the same size, some are 200 px, some 360 px, some 480 px, etc. Weird.

  • Good to know, I wonder why the default ratio is set to such a small scale?

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