If you build baritone cigar box guitars or have a likeness for them, this group is for you.
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  • I will be following along.

  • I am about to embark on making a Baritone resonator with a 27.5" scale, or maybe just 27". I will fashion the box from Sapele planks somehow, fit a pick-up of some devious design and have at it...... I have made a few other CBG's but this is the first resonator with a long neck, specifically for slide usage...!!! 15cm cone assembly

  • Built this for the Plumbers Challenge Build. It's a 27" scale Baritone 3 string. Uses the biggest low strings from a 6 string set (low E/A/D tuned D/A/D 1 octave low). I hacked a hand drill motor part to make the humbucking pickup. Made the git out of schedule 40 PVC pipe.306629469?profile=original

  • Thanks Blind Lemon Chello, I like yours too.

    Just look on the thread "Short Scale Resonator Bass Build" in the discussion forum. On the last page at the bottom is the last pics I took. Just needs strings and a bridge.

  • Paul, very cool, can't wait to see pics, love my baritone!! Same 30" scale, 1 bass string, 3 tenor strings, 2 pups & outputs, open "F" tune, very nasty!!306590260?profile=original

  • Just joined the group. I came into possession of a 12" x 9" x 4" cookie tin and had some thick square table legs. So my plan is to build a 30" short scale Bass Resonator with 4 strings, a strip piezo for ukes and a P Bass pup.

    I'll start a build thread soon.

  • I use the bottom of the Ernie Ball 6 string (Fender VI) set on mine which is 28"
  • Hi all.
    Just finished my 5th build. I decided to double two Corojo No5s and string it up with the bottom 3 of a standard git set. I tuned it to D-A-D (a 4th below standard CBG tuning).

    It sounds great. But I don't know what to call it. It doesn't have the short length of a tenor or the length of most baritones.

    Any suggestions? Cheers!

  • Where is the best place to find string for a 3 stringer, 30" scale?
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what defines a cigar box, baritone guitar

Ive been looking for data for a baritone build.   I have read a 26.67” scale helps to define the guitar as baritone.  Before I get down to this, I wondered if I could get the parameters, is scale length, fret count, 3-4 string, typical tuning, what type of strings and any other parameters that define the build as baritone. if this is info that is easily found, I would be happy for a link.  But finding cigar box baritone guitar plans or parameters were not easy for me to find.  Thanks for your…

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Short Scale Resonator Bass Build

I got a large cookie tin from my mother in law(4" x 12" x 9") and decided to do a resonator bass without frets. Thinking about using a Uke type strip Piezo, P Bass Pickups, 3-way switch, 250k volume and tone pots with a .047uf cap. Was thinking of using regular Bass strings for 4 string bass. Using some square table legs(2 & 1/4" x 1 & 3/4" x 21") for the neck - bolted to a through the tin piece. The through the tin piece will have a hollowed out area at the end for side mounted tuners of some…

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Joining Lumber

May be the wrong place to ask this, but I was planning on building some kind of baritone, using an old beginners bass neck.   My question is, I have a pile of 2x4 pieces from a recent project, I got a jigsaw, a tablesaw and a flat sander (not orbital). I want to join a bunch of 2x4 pieces together to make a body blank, I can get Titebond II by the gallon at the local hardware store. How do I prep the pieces? Just run them through the table saw for flat edges and clamp 'em all together? Do I…

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