Making my first resonator - can anyone help me?

Hi all, I’ve just finished making my first dulcimer and, buoyed on by the success of its sound and build,  I’m excited to move on to another project. I’ve settled on trying my hand at a resonator /dobro three string CBG or ukulele.

ive got the plastic back and wooden neck from a child’s guitar (slightly larger than a concert ukulele) and the base from an ancient-looking spring-form cake pan. The pan is just a flat circular bit of metal kinda like a paint can lid but a bit thicker - about 1-2mm I guess. Would this be an acceptable resonator or is it too thick?

alternatively, I was wondering about using a large squat tin can for a resonator face settled inside aneven larger tin can. Is that the kind of thing that would work or do the resonator cones have to be actual “cones”?

thanks for any help, hints or suggestions you can give me!

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