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  • Ha ha ...trix are for kids!....I got the worn Black paint job  with Red inside theme from you!...you are the one I learned that from!

  • Hey Bonz!  Are you still building your awesome guitars?  Don't see any new pics on your page for a couple years.  I haven't posted anything for a few years myself.  Hope all is well in Oregon!

  • 306339908?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I'm still lovin' it!

  • hi, this is zeus (daniel walter). you left a nice comment on one of my builds a while back and i just saw it. thank you. i especially remember one of yours that left a block in my head. it was a four string with a custom case, music top and bottom. i know you did more than one, but this is beautiful. i think it was gray with some other stuff. long time ago. incredible work.

  • ok I really like those white ones

  • where can I see your boxes and prices

  • 306321108?profile=RESIZE_480x480

    Album Notes
    Cigar Box Guitar and classical music met again after 150 years!

    In the middle of XIX century there were musicians who classical pieces performed on homemade instruments such as Cigar Box Guitar. But, unfortunately, there are no records of these unique 
    performances did not survive. How do sounds classical music of the Renaissance on cigar box guitar? 

    "Das Wohltemperirte Cigar Box Guitar" Album ( translation: Well-Tempered sigar box guitar ) was recorded in a home studio by Eugene Nemov. 

    The list of works you will see all the familiar songs and names of composers such as Franz Shubert, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Albinoni and names of familiar music lovers Renaissance: Pascal Bouquet and Francesco da Milano.

    Pascal Bouquet - French lutenist, he lived in XV-th century. Pascal Bouquet composed many excellent works for lute and baroque guitar. Musical notations this musician survived to this day. "Brande des Hermites" and "Volte Praetorius" - it's two works from the collection of popular dances of France, Pascal Bouquet written specifically for learning to play the lute. 

    Francesco Canova da Milano (Italian Francesco Canova da Milano) - Italian Renaissance lute, one of the major European composers XVI veka.Franchesko Canova da Milano is one of the best composers of lute music, and possibly greatest lute virtuoso of all time. His work, and the amazing beauty of a consistently high level, and are often performed today. 

    Just the album includes two copyright works Eugene Nemov - "French dance" and "English dance". They are written in a popular style of lute music of the Renaissance .

    All works have been performed at 3-string classic guitars from cigar boxes, made by Eugene Nemov. Description and images of these instruments You can see on the site www.cigarboxguitars.ru and personal Evgeny Nemov page on the www.cigarboxnation.com ;


  • alright man , thanks for adding me to the friend list. im diggin on that lappy you are makin.


  • Thanks.  It is a little confusing, but I'll figure it out.  Just built my first CBG with mixed results.  It doesn't sound too good and I'm trying to correct some issues.  I'm hopeful that I can find some answers in the forums.  Gary.

  • Whats a dbl?

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