Falls Church, VA


June 15

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  • Hi Henry,

    i would need your advise on choosing what gauge of fishing line to build my Djeli Ngoni Cigar Box, it is a sweet little africain (banjo) instrument that use fishing line for string and i know you have experimented this part so what size of line would you use for this ?

    here is a link on youtube with the instrument i'm talking about it seam to be in G tuning !!!


  • Hey Henry...still learning how to do stuff around here...do I post my video by putting my embed code in the comment column??  did that but don't see a youtube image like some of the others!
  • Thanks Henry.
  • Hey Henry
    Thanks For the Great POSTS. I Appreciate All of the "Sharing".
    Keep On Please
  • oops, didn't finish my sentence, i built ont too
  • Elemental (7 Hills Stomp drummer) just finished building electric diddley bows- time to experiment in microtones!
  • nice one man you got some cool pics thanks
  • Thanks man! We should jam, I'm in md.
  • Thank you Henry for your kind words. Enjoy.
  • ha, well wish I could say I meant it to have that deeper meaning...but yeah was just having fun!!
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