A place where you can talk about spirit, soul, God or anything that's weighting you down. We take prayer requests too.Wichita Sam - Chaplain
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  • Yup.  Good to see you, Sam.  I will post a Gospel song some time Saturday.   

  •  Good to "see you" again, Sam.
    I was just wondering about you the other day.

  • Looks like the rapture occurred while I was gone from the nation... but I'm still here. LOL

    A general prayer for all who have suffered loss in the past 4 years.

    Blessings, Wichita Sam

  • Wonderfully stated, Sam.  And every word there suits me and my past year and life as well.  Thanks and God bless.

  • Christmas is come and gone.  New Year's is upon us.  I pray that everyone is finding things by which they have been blessed and ways to be a blessing to others.

    2017 has been a tough one for many.  In 2018, I am looking for to discovering things I didn't understand before, people I didn't know before and ways that God can use me to make the world a better place.  I'm not an important person.  What I have to offer might be humble, but I believe that any good done makes the world just a little better.

    Grace, Peace, Hope and Love to you and yours,

    Wichita Sam 

  • Praying for you all B'shem Yeshua!!  I know some folks with family there too.

  • Sorry for your loss Sam. It's crazy times were living in and no doubt. My thoughts are definitely with all those affected in Puerto Rico and throughout the islands in all the storms. Crazy, crazy times. My best regards to you and your family during this difficult time too.

  • Sorry to hear that too, Sam.  I think it is already a public health emergency.   Prayer sent up.

  • Oh my God.  I am so sorry Sam.  Please accept my sincerest condolences.  We have struggled here in Houston, but did not touch us like that.  My prayers to you and your family.

  • I struggle to be non political here... This past week I had an Uncle die in Puerto Rico. He had to be buried the next day due to mortuary services being unavailable still. Most family, even some still on PR, couldnt attend the funeral.

    My heart aches for the ppl of Puerto Rico and the continued neglect they struggle under. Pls prayer with me that a natural disaster does not become a public health emergency....

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We all like to share

Sounds Like Reign is asking for submissions. I am taken with the family of young musicians called Sounds Like Reign. They have 3 almost 4 albums available online. They are asking for short clips to be included in a cut of a previously released song.  https://youtu.be/AO9U0zgMw6I is the link to a short video telling their own tale. I  am thankful to the Lord for standing in for me when I have needed his help.

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How He Loves - chords

Anyone want to do this one, and post a video?  I made them into images, so I'd be sure the formatting is correct, but here's how to fret each chord on a G-D-G cigar box guitar, plus the chords with the lyrics.  If this looks funky, refer to the images. Am  --------4-------- A --------2-------- E --------2-------- C --------9-------- E --------7-------- A --------5-------- C --------13------- A --------10------- C --------9-------- E C --------5-------- --------5--------…

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Just found out my Dad's died and feel prayers couldn't hurt.

Hi all. I've just joined the group after finding out that my Dad, who I was estranged from, died in March last year. It seems my sister knew all along and although we're estranged too she does have my address and could have gotten a message to me. Family, eh?!  I should perhaps mention that I'm not Christian or anything, though I guess technically I'm a back slidden born again Christian as I was very devout in my faith many moons ago. It may be hypocritical to ask this but if you could hold my…

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