San Antonio, TX


August 27

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  • Thanks Kirk And a Great New to you to ! and may the Git Gods shine on you and Make your vingers fast as lightning ,your chords as solled as Rock,and your Solo,s as smooth as Butter ! Greeeeeeeettsszzz  A.D. 

  • Thanks Kirk ! Thanks again Kirk thanks thanks for all the likes ! Appriciated o yea ! its ready ! What is ready ? The new BCB DogbowlRezzo is ready !! Greeeeettssszzz A.D.

  • Glad you liked it ! appriciated !Thanks .

  • Thanks Kirk For your Many Likes !glad you liked it ! appricated ! Greeeeettsszz To Ye ! A.D.

  • Thanks Kirk ! if you like we keep playing ! Greeeeeettsszzz A.D.

  • Thanks Kirk, ! Message receipt! glad you liked it, it was my pleasure ! Greeeeeettsszz A.D.

  • Just a heads up Kirk, couldn’t watch your open mic video on my iPad. A lot of us use these, but they block almost all videos posted here unless you post through YouTube. Country Boy Can Survive came through loud and clear, whatever you used on that works! Dang, I wanted to see it, the comments sounded good! Take care my friend!

  • Thanks for the Like Kirk Appriciated !

  • Thanks for the like Kirk !appriciated ! Greeeeettssszz A.D.

  • Hi there Kirk, thats a ideer ,but we are talking image,like say you have a theme build and you like to adapt the image on the pick-up to corresspond whit the rest of the build ,maybee undo the LACE red and white bit and stick something more colorfull or image wize more attractif on it and NOT by means of a sticker something more solid and time proof! 

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