Build a Double Neck Cigar Box Guitar Submit up to 3 pictures per entry by May 31, 2010.

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  • I too started to put some photos and videos, of my entry, on my website. Forgive the bad playing. I'm a better builder than player. I'll try to get more up soon.

  • OK, here goes. 6 string lap and 3 string dulcimer. Joined cigar boxes, garage sale crutches for frame and neck support, tailpieces from the handles. Oak trim scrap bridges, eye patches from cataract surgery sound hole covers, scrap corian nut/saddles. Duct tape, drywall screws, spit n chicken wire.

    Idea better than build quality (imho) but it was fun, gets a lot of odd looks. Thanks to all, PRH
  • Here's my entry. I call it the "Aloha" It's a Cohiba box with a Tiki theme. It's a concert Ukulele on top with clear martin uke strings. The bottom neck is a 4 string guitar using the first 4 strings of a 6 string guitar (DGBE). It's got a small piezo I got from a car alarm company and capped with a simple piece of maple. bamboo(of course!) skewer frets and all handpainted art work. I also included a hidden keytone in the pic for all you cbg'rs in PA and I modified Cohiba logo to fit the theme. This was fun!!! Hope you like it.

  • a couple more pics...

    Yes, there is a cigar box in there somewhere !!!

  • Awwright !!! Here it is..... this double neck consists of a 3-string bass and a 4-string CBG. Bass tuned E-A-D and guitar tuned E-B-E-G#.

    *Box size is 9.5 in. wide x 11.75 in. long x 2.5 in. thick *Overall guitar length is 40.5 inches *4 Piezo transducer pickups wired to a 1/4 in. Switchcraft jack *Maple necks measure 1.5 in. wide x .75 in. thick *Bass has 21 frets on a 34 inch scale *Guitar has 19 frets on a 25.5 inch scale *Bridges and nuts are made of purpleheart wood *Grey and red pearloid fret markers *Frets by Stewart McDonald
  • Sweet CJ!
  • ok fellers, here's mine, i call'er the Trident. it's my 6th CBG i have built. she's all set up with a fretted neck for pickin', fretless for slide and a bass neck. i put 2 piezos in it and id sound great. good luck guys.

  • John - love the dark edges on neck!
  • Okay, so here's the 411 on my double neck. I didn't know about the contest until the other day but had been working on a double neck so hopefully this one is at least respectable. I call it the "Depot Street Deuce" because it's themed with labels from the Depot Street Brewery here in Jonesborough, TN. Neck #1 is a 4-string solid body with single coil and vol. control. White oak neck with walnut fretboard, maple top and side fretmarkers. Neck #2 is a 3-string fretless hollow body electric with alternating black and gold fretmarkers. Bridge is a Mojo Boneworks handcarved bone with pickup inside, made by my pal Randy Bretz. Volume control, Osage Orange neck with walnut fretboard. 3-way toggle switch to alternate necks or blend the two. Hope you guys like it!!! Great stuff on here so far!
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