South Bend, IN


February 28

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  • cool, it works well : -)

  • S**t  can not spell my blues name LOL "Paw"

  • Hi thanks for yhe reply.

    IThe rant no probs you gave me an idea of what i might come across. I know bands here in switzerland and one in spain so it will not just be cigar box. BUt i hope that will get more people interested in the old box and stick guitars, I have not picked up any of my other guitars for about 3 months I is hooked.

    I am looking at my options free I would like but cheep is ok too.

    I have had a little interest form a couple of guys in the nation' Any advice you can give me is welcome and I would link your blog in if you would like.


    South pay Davey

  • Hi

    I was told you have or tryed to set up a  net radio station. I am working on doing that sort of thing.

    I think there is so much talent just on this site it would be worth spreading the word.


  • Hey Mr. Joker"  Sorry for the late reply.  I'm still finding my way  around the sites.  Great info.  I'm busy with my third build and planning the fourth already.  Don't play just like the craft and the sounds.    Any one out there from Cleveland?

    Joanne Boxhead

  • Hey thanks for the compliment and the friendship. Grew up listening to punk in the 80's and that may be why I never took music 2 seriously or anything else for that matter. Really dig your experimental approach to music. Keep it up.
  • Hey Joker, I'm a singer-songwriter / cbg builder / and BWJ fan in Nashville and saw the tribute thing...I'd like to record a tune for consideration...Last time I looked, 'Somebody on Your Bond' was available....  If I can't do that one, I'll do 'Oughta Treat a Stranger Right' from the choices that are left.... The deadline is April 17 - is that right?  Looking forward to hearing from you....Thanks.  ~ Joni
  • I have two cbg in the works.I have pics of the boxes that I am using.I will definatey post pics.
  • You have some good music.I like your videos. Keep playing!
  • Hey Joker,

    Can you add me to the blind willie johnson tribute- "Go to me with that land"





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