Greenwood, AR


September 12

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  • Hi Mike, The neck is glued and screwed before the pickup on the headstock side to another piece under it, then I cut out a notch for the pickup after it's all dried up.  The neck is then screwed to the box from the box's reiforced insides.  The neck only touches the head and tail of the box.

  • HI Mike, the neck runs all the way through and stops just short of the lid, so you can still open the can up and see inside.
  • hey there mike I have absolutely no doubt about the strength of this neck

    this is my third six string---one is through neck and two are bolt on

    my big dog accoustic is solid maple with mahogany (3/8 thick) fretboard---no problem

    my arturo fuente is thru neck solid mahogany with oak (again 3/8 thick) fretboard

    both necks have shown NO sign of bending

    I highly recommend the use of light guage strings if you are concerned

    the maple/mahogany laminated neck is strong enough to play baseball with

                 hippy chip

  • howdy mike--about your question on the magnum R build to cut the f-holes--takes about 10 minutes to cut by hand with coping saw and then use half round file to clean up the edges for about 10 more minutes then done,not a very difficult task--the trick is to cut exactly on the line and cut clean and slow. now about your other question concerning the same build--i had a bright idea to use a metal plate to make resonator tone with plenty clearance--all it is, is a 6 sided shaped piece of aluminum with a bolt at each point about 3 inches apart attaching it to the wood of the cigar box, then the wooden biscuit rest on the metal plate and it has a different tone than if it was only wood under the bridge. i once lived in greenwood arkansas a very long time ago. take care-- thanks for the questions.
  • Thank you Mike for joining my group. Please feel free to write if you have any questions. Enjoy your practice, Keni Lee
  • "I imagine, does it pass through the pickup to the back of the book to hold it closed". That is exactly what it does, it is hard to show a picture of that method though because the whole point of it is that the pickup remains concealed inside the box (or book in my case). In the end i actually did add a magnet, it does work without it probably because it has some kind of ferrous core anyway, but with a small neodymium magnet it was louder. I haven't made any since, but it is a good method of making a simple pickup, don't expect too high an output though. Good luck!
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