• Cool Vinnie,first take rocks!!!!

  • hey brotha heres my ZZ  like spin on dis, usual...first takes only I roll, more spontaneous that way....first one I uploaded .her ya go

    Owlzz w vin.mp3

  • Jason i love you tune !!! here is  a few takes, starting with my favorite, at the second? not really sure, may hate it all by later in the day, thanks for posting here so we can have some  fun. i know i told you some time back i was gonna add to one of your tunes and never did, guess i jumped the gun on thinking what i could do with that tune sorry , lol, happy thanksgiving !!!

    owlresozztopstyle TAKE 4.mp3

    owlresozztopstyle TAKE 1.mp3

    owlresozztopstyle TAKE 5.mp3

    • Cool stuff James, Dog in Hat approved!!!!!

    • YOUR TUNE* lol

  • Its been A few months of not be able to play, I was checking out Jim's hut song found this hope you like it Jason. I played to it twice I like this one best. Next one I will spend some time on.

    I also did one for a MBliss post its on the vid CBG BegOOd


    • I really like it RTZ,great jam!!!!!! :>)

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