Right this is a blank canvas for anyone to join in on.

 I'm a bit worried that some people think that they won't be able to do anything "good enough" to put on here.....so if those backing tracks were a bit daunting, here's me thumping a pile of books, which is about as basic as it gets!! I looped it to make it 4 mins long.

  Imagine this as a casual jam.... what you record doesn't have to be perfectly recorded, or perfectly played. Lets just have some fun!!

 This track was was used in the infamous "Bed Warmer Blues"!!!....and I actually bruised my hand doing it, so it would be good to get a bit more back from it!!

   IF YOU WANT TO ADD A TRACK, right click, then choose "save as" to save the THUMP to your computer. Record something along to it then post your track back on here.

  If we get enough tracks I can mix them together...or anyone who wants to can do that once the tracks are up here. We might even be able to make several songs!!

    This is the first discussion I've ever done on here, so PLEASE someone add something, otherwise I'll feel like I've thrown a party and no one has turned up : -/

THUMP (Thumping books!).mp3

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  • I`ll give it a go

  • you a frustrated librarian ?tee hee, heres my take....

    Thmp thmp books w vinnie.mp3

    • lol!..just listening. Like it real gritty Blues, like it!!

  • gonna rock a hootenanny to this later

    • go for it!

  • Interesting!

    I must practice more.  :-)


    • : -)

  • Ah yes...But I joined in... with a "Fake Trumpet !"

    (Let me know if I missed anyone and I will try and add them in)

    Maybe we should do a whole song only using noises from our bodies! (we may have to go to bodypartsaremusic.com?)

    • The fake trumpet is cool..I used to always be going round playing fake trumpet, trombone etc as a child!

      Lol, the body noise boogie.Yeah start a new discussion..or is everything supposed to have a CBG in it??

  • Here is a rough Bug remix, using as much as I could of the samples.... I think I have Bugified this for you..

    Hope you like it...  : >)

    between the notes - Bug remix.mp3

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