New Jamateur Collabhut Project - Evolution

Paging Dr. Silent Jim. . . Paging Dr. Silent Jim. . .

I have a new idea for a Jamateur Collabhut project.  I have an instrumental I'm calling Evolution for now and an idea for getting others to add in some riffs based on I V I 3-string tuning to help complete the song and keep it from being too repetitive.  I'll post up a video tonight with the starting materials.

Looking forward to another success like our "Time Stands Still on the Burying Ground" project!

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  • Alright, let's sum up where we are.

    Here's the riff I started with.

    Thanks 407bug for the improvisation suggestions!

    Here's turtlehead's interpretation:

    Here's how I played turtlehead's version:

    What we need is one or two (or more) additional players to take on the core riff pattern of 

    3 - O - 2 - O - 3 - O  That's high string 3rd fret, middle string 2nd fret, low string 3rd fret played with open notes between.  That's the only "rule" for this exercise.  Make your own riff in that pattern.

    Once we have a couple more contributors we will decide how to bring it all together.  My vision is to imagine we are all sitting around together demonstrating the riff to each other and playing it in turn - our own way with improvised solos interspersed.

    This isn't the way most collaborations have worked to date with someone laying down a base track and another soloing over top and another submitting a bass line.  I see this more as a busker exercise with the money shared equally.  :)

    • Thanks.  I put this in our Dropbox folder so I can bring it into my recording software on my tablet.  I'll see if I can record something interesting when I get a few quiet moments.

  • Hey Turtlehead, check this out! I tried to get that little diggity pick at the end, but since I'm just 3 stringing I had to adapt a little. Let me know what you think of this.
    • Thanks. I got that down in about 5 mins and had to record it before it vaporized.

      I plan on playing my original way, but I like your riff and my alteration as well. It's really cool how we can take 6 notes in the same progression and make them sound different.
    • Exactly!
  • Cleaned up a bit and repeated

    Eds threads - Turtleheading it along.mp3

    • A Swerve Ball Rhythm for you

      Eds Threads Drums 1.mp3

    • Hey 407bug.  I like that live club background with the drum track.  What's the speed on that track?  It feels a bit fast.  Can you slow it down to the 105 BPM that turtlehead was playing?

  • Ed have you got a MP3 now of where you are at with this you can post?

    • No. I was hoping a few more would lay down their own ideas on video and then we could decide how to link and sync them together. Once we have a few ideas sketched out it may help us develop a rhythm track.
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