"The Older I Get, The Better I Was." Collaboration invite


Hi Guys, my name is Laef & I play cigar box guitar.

I've written a song recently, that I hope someone will like the sentiment of...
It's called "The Older I Get, The Better I Was."

Now if you feel that way, I would like you to sing the chorus with me.

The plan is, if you want to be in it send me a private message,
I'll send you an audio clip, if you listen to it on earphones, so it doesn't mess up with the
video recording, then videotape yourself singing the chorus;
"The Older I Get, The Better I Was."

Then send the file back to me, I'll put it in the clip, & it should be awesome.

The other thing, if you to want is..
I've got an instrumental break, & we can do the same thing..
I'd send you 8 bars of me playing rhythm on cigar box guitar,
& you guys can shred it up, & I'll cut between everyone having a bit of a jam session,
& put it all in the music video.

So like I said, give me a private message, & if it's all on, I'll send you audio files,
You can send your video back to me, & in a week or two we should have it all on line.

-Hope to hear from someone.. see ya.

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  • Hi folks,

    Thanks To Belinda & Steve, (Bemuzic & Moe Decker,) the song & video are finished.

    I'm hoping you've seen it on the Cigarbox Nation Video link,

    but just in case, you can see it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifaLv3_4xUg

    It's been fun, & interesting to see other peoples approach to the same material.

    The work they've done is awesome.

    I'd like to credit the other non-CBG collaborators too,

    Electric Uke by Deanna Smyth a.k.a. The Flakey Mojo,

    & My good friend Don Syme.

    Thanks again everybody


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