Hi guys,

Do any of my American brothers have an overstock of boxes they'd like to move?

Im looking to buy a boxful. 30, 40, 50... whatever you can supply.

I have shipped this quantity in on many occasions, always from folk here on the Nation, but always like to ask who's got them rather than lean on folk who have helped me in the past.

I'll happily pay the going rate and the shipping of course, though since the shipping is a fair whack, I can only really bring in good clean boxes. A mix of timber and papercovered is always good too. Multiples are ok too.

So if you can help, let me know what you have and some prices and we'll go from there

Many thanks

Roosterman, UK

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  • Not to compete with Roy, but I just came across a fairly large supply of boxes. Friend/message me for info. I would be willing to ship to Europe, so if you have a need, let me know.

  • Hi Roy,

    New around here but looking for some boxes - I've sent you a friend request :)

  • Hi. I need good seller too. Need about 100-200 box in year. Have bought from ebay but theres only few seller who ship to europe finland. Is that possible with You ? I know shipping is expensive but I pay that price.Could You send pm to me if interested ?
    • Janne....were you able to get the boxes you need......I have built quit a few cbg and have a good idea of what dimensions make for a good acoustic/electric.

      I don't have many  right now but can get much more given a little time.

      Let me know


    • Just sent u friend request
      Pls accept we can discuss
  • Roosterman
    I just made another supply run of CB's
    See photo
    Will catch up later tonight when i make the photo
    Post on my website
    Lets talk


    • all those boxes hiding just a few hours from me ?

      • I have many as u want and can afford
  • Forgot to mention we can work out payment
    Thru paypal if u have paypal account
    Like i said i have large supply of boxes at reaonable
    Bulk rate prices
    Looking forward to yr feedback
  • Hey Roosterman!
    David sent me this post! I have many CB's s to
    Choose from
    Resonable price too
    I have more and can get much as u want too
    I live in Houston Texas
    I get all CB 's locally as much as i can get
    Let me know what u are interested in
    I can send detail photos at your request
    My cell 832-474-0854
    My name is Roy
    My email addr: rmixon61@icloud.com
    Thanks my friend!


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