• WOW.......I'll stick to at £4 to £5  a box.



    Empty Cigar Boxes..

    You will be surprised 

    • These are CGars Boxes


  • hi there Rick D , Wish I had seen this a few weeks back , have to start coming on here more often . Do you have them all the time don't need any just yet like I said got some boxes from local cigar shop but will keep you on my fave list for future builds . By the way these are great boxes to use  holds the sound very well and are hard to come by without the no smoking labels on them .Do you ever get the big black and gold with white background ones as well I think the name is Arturo Fuente  .Any way will keep looking back to you for next time .

                                                               Kind regards

                                                             Steve Hale

    • I find that a good hot blast from a hair drier will usually get the health warning labels off any cigar boxes.

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