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I was wondering what make of amplifiers people out there in CBG land are playing and why they bought them.Did you buy a solid state amp or a tube amp? Did you make an amp? Are you happy with it?

If money was no object,what amp do you think would be suitable for a hand made guitar which may have cost just a few shekels to make?

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  • I like second hand guitar amps from eBay or Facebook market place (FBMP).  Due to the weight they are often local collection only which reduces the number interested.  This means you can get some great deals.

    Current favourite is the Vox Valvetronic AD30VT from FBMP for £40. Numerous effects, a control on the back to reduce output if playing at home late at night.  It has a valve preamp circuit running into a solid state circuit.  They often turn up on ebay.  It is mains power only.



    • I had one of these a while ago...Good bit of kit. I have a Vox Pathfinder 15 which is currently my favourite..

  • I love my Roland Microcube...but here's a new..and cheaper contender...

  • Here's the Pignose - we are out of stock but more are on their way as I type...

  • Here's one I made earlier...this is Hollowbelly's touring and recording amp.

  • I have a nifty Vox Vigilante I bought new back in the eighties. It goes about 100w as a combo. it has two channels, a decent reverb, and all the usual knobs. I find it rather pleasant on a low setting, but the weight of the thing is ridiculous. To think I used to drag that thing about when I was in a band. Today, the digits hardly lets me pick it up.......!!!  A very good amp from a while back, so technology is so well advanced these days, that it almost becomes redundant. It sits here gathering dust, ready for a burst of neighbour annoying racket when the mood takes me......!±!!

    • 100 watts!...That's pretty loud,i would imagine.I have a Peavey bass amp which is 20 watts and I rarely move the volume dial beyond 2....

  • I use a Fender Passport Mini. Solid state, I think about 5w. One of the deciding factors for me was it has the option for battery power - so great for camping, festivals, camper van travels. Makes a great little home practice amp, and I've even had it mic'ed up when playing at small venues.

    If you are thinking of buying, I would recommend the other contenders in this range - Roland Micro Cube, Orange Crush etc, as they all have similar by slightly different specs - for example I do appreciate the double input and aux input on the fender, I like most of the settings, but tweaking the effects on the fly is somewhat limited (you need to use the laptop interface to really get the most from FX).

    I also wish I had been aware of the Vox DA5 before I had bought, as it does look very cool.

    As for perfect amp, not really after any commercial stuff, would love to make a valve amp myself - currently dabbling with a low voltage hybrid valve amp design - the preamp stage is really pleasing, just need to get on with the power stage..


    • I can vouch for the Vox DA-5.If you can get one,you won't be disappointed with it...

  • When I saw Seasick Steve for the first time on the Jools Holland show (his original appearance) I was so blown away that I booked tickets for his gig in Birmingham the next day. Drove there (from Cornwall), loved it, came home and immediately ordered a Roland Cube 30 'cos that's what he was playing :-)

    Still playing it to this day. I rarely move it off the Vox modelling mode though. Would love to have a proper tube Vox amp, but with family, too many hobbies and the fact my guitar playing/making is purely for my sole enjoyment (I don't gig or anything) I can't really justify the outlay.

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