I Could Really Do With A Jig !

Lovely morning here, so I went to my local timber merchants, have been going there for years. I got a few fronts and backs for my boxes. You may or may not know, that I have been playing 6 strings for over 50 years, and last year my cervical spine disks 3 in all decided to pinch down on the chord, I was walking like a drunk, but without the fun part. They got me in and operated from the front of my neck,on the inside of my spine, shaving the bones and fitting titanium spacers, but unfortunately when I woke up I had no feeling in my right hand. Consequently I haven't been able to play my guitars since last October. Frankly I was getting really down, when I found out about CBG,s, and I decided that I wanted to get into making at least one for myself. I figured that I could try, having nothing to lose. It worked albeit very slowly, and it's lifted my spirits tremendously, I'm hooked. But so far I have only shaped one neck by hand, with a Shinto saw/file and sand paper. It's fine now but initially I made so many mistakes, all of which I have rectified. I've learned a lot during this, so it's all good. I am waiting for another major op in approx 8 weeks on the back of my spine to level them up again. They have said that there is a possibility of coming out on wheels, but I told the surgeon that if I couldn't play again, I would prefer to be out of it entirely. Any way on the positive side, it struck me that if I could find or make a jig to carve the necks with a router, it would make my current situation much easier, so I wonder if anyone out there knows of a method. I really would appreciate any or all help in this regard. Best Wishes Really hope to meet some of you at the Cambridge get together. Phil Hale




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  • Realize this is late, but you said you could use this...sooooo, here ya go:

    • Nice One Ron.
      Thanks Phil
  • It is possible check out http://eguitarplans.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/how-to-make-guitar-neck-... I wish I could help you more but I am recovering from a head injury my self but it should be quite easy to build.  

  • PS.. Build yourself a lap steel guitar. Learn sslide :)

    • Funnily I've been given one, it's an Hawaiian jobby.
      It's a 1932 Selmer minus a pickup, and I have few old pickups
      knocking around.
      My lifetime friend and fellow Musso keeps lining up projects for me
      God love him, we went to school together from aged 6 then in bands
      together from age 13.
      He took me round the music shops in Birmingham last week, and all
      this on our bus passes, I kid you not.
      Best Wishes and thanks for the response.
    • Me in Birmingham
  • a few? That's a few months worth! :) 

    Yeah, I'm looking towards to meeting you guys too. 

    If there's one thing I've seen characterising all the people in here it's sheer bloody mindedness and a headstrong will to keep things going to reach goals and accomplish things that other people only dream about. Your here so you must have that same drive as we all do.

    We are the music makers

    • Just got one of my guitars out, has been idle since last October, it had a thick coat of dust on it, and so did I when trying to play it with a thumb pick, but I will persevere.
      Best Wishes
    • Photo
  • http://www.precisionbits.com/images/detailed/19/0e890946-5ea6-4db8-bfa4-b808075fc145.jpg

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