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  • Anybody out there build anything lately?
  • Thanx Jon, you know, the majority of effects coming out right now are externally powered, batteries are becoming obsolete in stompboxes , real fast. Except the boutique style builders? I like batteries too, but good ones are becoming expensive, regulated wall warts are the best solution? having that low voltage cut will actually cut the voltage to the circuit when it kicks on, so maybe learn how to tune it to a lower specific voltage?

  • BTW Brian I really like your posts, they are always interesting and I learn from them, keep up the good work

  • Hi Brian, BLC and OGB, I am (if and when I get the time) trying to build a simple battery low voltage cut off circuit so you don't kill your battery, I'd be interested if you think this is a good idea or is too complicated. I found this generic circuit on the Instructables website posted by "Iceng"FGWZD3YIZ6CYODX.LARGE.gif?auto=webp&fit=bounds

  • Upgrade any Effect with external power:


  • Layout verified 


  • Built prototype with some unused wire terminals & an odd size wood scrap. I just hate to throw things away, so I use them to so I build quirky stuff with it instead.

  • Louis, U can get a looper pedal on eBay less than $40. Search ”Amoon “ looper pedal- most affordable on market. I’ve seen them in action, not bad?

  • Really nothing 2 see, jus plain boxes with knobs n jacks. I make mostly fuzz & some tube screamer types, I favor dirt pedals.

  • Hello, I'm new here. I play cbg's foor 6 months now. I am looking for an affordable looper that does the trick. Just lopping, unlimited layer adding and easy to use. Any sugestions?

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Add-on Power Supply Filtering for Vintage effects

Two of the things that vintage effects are missing is true bypass switching & power supply filtering. While board mounted switches may be hard to change out, filtering the power is not? This simple circuit combines Reverse polarity protection & hum/noise filtering in very few parts, four to be exact. Here's how it works: The Diode (D1) protects the circuit from damage if the power is accidentally reversed. The Resistor (R1) filters out hiss from voltage, while The Capacitors (C1/C2) filter out…

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10 minute Fuzz

Here’s a layout of the 10 minute Fuzz, originally called the BazzFuss built by Christian Hemmo in the late 90’s. Probably the easiest transistorized pedal you can build, experiment with different parts to make it your own? Click the Attachment below the Stripboard layout for a Perfboard layout  of the project? 831A9CC7-447D-48B3-9F34-50A89B5CEF71.gif

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