If you have one of those colossal, bonehead, 'DOH' moments building, tell us about it here. Aw come on, admit it. You've done something completely inept. We wanna here about it.
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  • Like the pic for this group.

  • On my first electric guitar build, I placed the bridge at 24.5" instead of 25.5" and didn't notice til I tried to do the intonation. Since the strings were through the body and mounted into inserts, it was a big deal to take apart and fix it. DOH!

  • Face palm... On my first CBG, I put the octave dots on the 13th fret....

  • I hate to disagree about something I am not an expert in, but this guys CBG sounds pretty good... 

  • So cool lunch box is out of the question, unless you consume it before you play.

  • Fred, another problem with storing stuff inside of the Cigar Box Guitar is that it can affect the resonance and tone quality.

  • The problem of using your cigarbox guitar to store things...http://youtu.be/SnQoJjLtQ-A?list=UUZU_wjYEKhqaFgAUIgrevHw

  • Last weekend my grandson 12 & I made a Canjo. We just made it out of what we could find in my son's shed, an old 2X 4 some 6 lb fishing line & a couple pf nails. Pretty crude but he enjoyed it. Today about 7:30 AM he calls to say the cat broke his Canjo string and could I fix it and also make one for his friend Jack who was having a birthday today and could I pick them both up after school!

    I was going to make a Canjo based on a new design so I figure, heck I make 3 one for my grandson, one for jack and one for my grand daughter. So I went to work got them done intime to drive down & pick them up at school.

    Got home & they loved them! I even printed out some simple songs they could play. BUT--- the one I made for Jack I made backwards! The nut was where the can was & the fret makes were flipped so the 10th fret was at the nut. So much for quality control!

    Anyway I left the kids happily plucking away Happy Birthday. I fix Jacks & return it to him. Lesson learned: Don't rush! Even something as simple as Canjo can be screwed up!

  • I guess all the members are doing really good with their builds. Not a single "Hall of Shame" entry in over a year! Good job! Yer finally getting it down!

  • Another of Bingham's Bonehead Maneuvers...  Well, tonight went to my regular Saturday night gig.  I had laid my video camera out on the coffee table so I could take it with me, but forgot it.  We were playing through our set and Curtis Blackwell came in with a guitar and mandolin. Mr. Blackwell is a former member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys. A very fine banjo picker, Curtiss White was with him and they played the last half of the show with us. My point and shoot camera was at home on the charger, and my Sharpie was not in the gig bag - where it has lived for a year or so.  They did sign my cigar box guitar with a pen that more or less embossed the paper so you can see the autographs.  But even with all the bonehead stuff I did it that prevented the "Kodak Moment" from happening it was a GREAT evening of picking with some talented and very nice guys.  It's one to remember!
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Pushing the envelope until it explodes

I was making a 3 string for a VERY small lady, so I tried to make a very low profile neck for her tiny hands. All was going well until I tested the rigidity and discovered I had made a pretty good bow instead.So what to do? Routed the back of the neck, put a metal rod in it, covered back over with mahogany. Only cost me an extra day and a half on a $250 build, I think I made maybe $8 per hour on that one.…

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The mess I'm (trying) to work in.

Not sure about the rest of ya'll, but every once in a while I'll try to clear up enough space to set down a box almost kill myself falling into the mess my shop has become.   There are 4 workbenches hidden somewhere in here, but I''ll be happy to just get one of them clean by the weekend.   What's your workshop look like?

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What NOT to do!

I figure this photo will serve as my membership card! Will not fall for that one again. So, I'm no uke player. I do have a uke. I used the uke that I have as a plan for the one I built. After stringing it up and learning some uke chords, I realized that the uke I copied from was junk. VSL is off by over an inch, fret placement off just enough to not be obvious but enough to be awful sounding. Now after much work and "fretting" over my blunder I have very nice playing instrument that will be…

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