What NOT to do!

I figure this photo will serve as my membership card! Will not fall for that one again. So, I'm no uke player. I do have a uke. I used the uke that I have as a plan for the one I built. After stringing it up and learning some uke chords, I realized that the uke I copied from was junk. VSL is off by over an inch, fret placement off just enough to not be obvious but enough to be awful sounding. Now after much work and "fretting" over my blunder I have very nice playing instrument that will be hard to hand over to the person I built it for. Fret find 2d for me from now on! Go ahead, snicker, I deserve it.

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  • Turned out fine in the end. What you don't see in the photo is the 2 steel rulers cleverly clamped to the sides of the neck so the saw will not get off course. The whole shebang is also clamped to the shed so that it will not wiggle. A slight cleanup with a hand plane was all that was needed to ready the neck for the new and correct fretboard. Happy ending, it plays and sounds great. Check the vid if you want


  • Your messed up the FB , then removed it with a hand saw ...... you deserve this!





  • Oooo ooo oooo and you're removing the fretboard with a hand saw. oooo ooooo oooooooo. I'm hating it for ya. I would use a band saw if I were you. Borrow one or find someone who has one.



  • bum  mer!
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