The mess I'm (trying) to work in.

Not sure about the rest of ya'll, but every once in a while I'll try to clear up enough space to set down a box almost kill myself falling into the mess my shop has become.


There are 4 workbenches hidden somewhere in here, but I''ll be happy to just get one of them clean by the weekend.


What's your workshop look like?

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  • That's the shortest garage I ever saw. Must have been for motorcycles! ;)

    Nice looking overhead door! Who made it? You don't see stuff like that much these days in the mainstream...

  • Not bad at all!

    My garage theres no way,I have too many bikes,pit bikes,motorcycles(street legal dirtbike)and parts,only go out there for the drill press or grinder.Front room of the house is pretty inundated w/ CBG stuff.Both closets full of guitars and riding gear.Studio room is totally full w/ my drum kit,amps and recording equipment.

    Bedroom full of guitars.

    My biggest problem,even as a kid,is putting everything away when I'm done.

    I dont even know where to start cleaning!


  • Truth be told mate, it's never, ever very tidy, even when I promise myself to be a bit more tidy in the future, it just never seems to happen!

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  • Well, at least outside shot season is starting.  Last weekend I got a free bandsaw (early 50's era 10" Delta Rockwell) - it had been sitting outside for a few years, but after a bit of lube it was turning.  Few hours of cleaning with a brass wire wheel and the rust was gone, quick zap with some rustoleum and it looks almost like new.  Just waiting on some new tires I ordered for it so I can give it a try!  Don't think it will help with my CBG projects that much...but always nice to have another tool.  And even better when it's one you made or saved yourself!


    With my 17 month old daughter I don't get to play many blues lullabies...but it is great to watch her play with my CBG.  She loves it when I hook up an amp and give her a slide to play with!

  • @Jason - that's roughin' it for sure - hopefully you can get some CBG blues lullaby playing time instead :)
  • Heck I don't even have a dedicated shop space anymore.  Just the counters in my backyard kitchen, have to pull my tools out of storage and put them away when done.  Between that and a new child it's VERY slow progress on any projects.  Oh yeah, I can also only work from about September through April since it's outside and the rest of the year is WAY too hot here!

  • @Wes - sounds like you might need to expand into those other 3 quarters of the garage when the table saw, dust collector, and bench top belt sanders arrive :)   I keep looking for (cheap) neat ideas for shop storage - but my tool addiction has been outpacing my organization capabilities this year.
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