This is the place to post stories of Old Cigar Box Instruments and photos, If you want to see stuff that is newly uncovered about cigar box guitars when ever new history is found visit the website

Got any stories or Old Photos??? this is the place to post them...Let's keep history alive! if you have a story or photo please post it for all to see some little way you help keep those people alive, if you don't share what you know, it will fade into history : (

Post if you find something old, we want to see it!

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  • Check out this news story from 1911...more cool stuff is posted at


    New cigar box guitar history posted every day, lots of interesting videos and stories, come check it out

  • 306235734?profile=original306235796?profile=originalearly 1900's cigar box guitar! wonderful art on the back!

    new find today on ebay, It seems I am finding this stuff more and more!!!

    ...nice piece of history, more info will be posted at



  • 1948 Cigar Box Bass Cello made from 50 cent box... the info on the back of the photo
    will post more history at
    nice old photo



    sorry about the watermark its how I found it!...but still cool!


    I will post more history at


    nice bit of history!




  • 1930's Cigar Box Banjo from the Depression Era ...more history on cigar box guitars posted daily at

    306229331?profile=original306230397?profile=originalI'm trying to post more history daily at come by when you have free time and check out the site if you like cigar box guitar history.



  • 306227021?profile=originalThe Panjo!

  • 306227058?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    Check out this early 1900's antique Appalachian violin with Snake on back

    I found this for sale today, it's great example of Americana

    I will post the full archive at check out the website for lots of cool stories and history





  • 306222840?profile=originalcheck this old photo out!

  • 306221468?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • I know Lightnin' Hopkins made himself a CBG when he was a youngster. His older brother had a guitar, but told Lightnin' Sam never to touch. One day, when Lightnin' was just noodling around on the guitar, his brother found out and made sure little Lightnin' could get his hands on it anymore. So Lightnin' just made himself a cigar box guitar after that. He tells about on one of his records. If wanted, I can upload it somewhere and embed it here. Although he is most well-know for his regular acoustic playing, I know of a couple of records where he has some nifty slide work going on...
  • OK, I will go first! Here is a news story I found today, I found it while looking for photos of a Kamka Uke being played or displayed from the turn of the century when they were made...I found this instead...I though you might enjoy!

    Ukulele were hard to come by when Clement Villanueva was a youngster in the Philippines. “We were very poor back home,” he says. “Ten people shared one ukulele.” I assume they took turns and didn’t all try to play the thing at once. In any case, the ukulele deprivation had a big impact on Villaneueva for which he’s more than compensated. At last count he had a collection of more than 130 ukulele, including 30 of the iconic Hawaii “cigar-box” ukes, many of which he has made himself. But his passion for the little four-stringed instruments has spread, curiously, to the hand-made cases in which ukulele are carried around. “They are so pretty,” he says of the cases. “People admire them more than my ukulele.” Cigar-box ukulele were first made by Hawaii’s legendary guitar and ukulele maker Samuel Kamaka. Villaneueva, who was a metal worker at Pearl Harbor until his recent retirement, studied an original Kamaka cigar-box ukulele and began to make his own. The problem is finding original 1886 cigar boxes. “They are very rare and hard to find right now,” he said. “I get one or two a month at swap meets and at the shows.” He collects original Kamaka ukulele and yearns for one special one. “I have so many ukulele but my collection is not complete until I find a painted Kamaka,” he says. “Hand painted in the 1920s. That one is $5,000. Hard to find.” Yeah, I say, but what’s the deal with the cases. You’ve got 80 of them, why not sell a few? “I don’t sell my cases yet because they are too pretty,” he says. And means it.

    Photo: rae Huo
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Cigar Box History

Hi All. I ran across a web site dedicated to the history of the cigar box, and because of the interesting content of the site, I thought you all might like to visit the site. It's quite educational. Here's the link: Tony Hyman's Cigar History Museum  Their glossary of cigar terminology is also an interesting read, as much of the vocabulary originates in Cuban Spanish only to be "re-interpreted" by Americans and Europeans to form a unique version of Spanglish. Other sections of the site…

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