Llansanffraid, Conwy, N Wales.


February 9

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  • Hi D noticed it's your Birthday mate "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  hope you have a good one mate :)

  • Thanks for your friendship! I hope you have a great holiday! 

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bro hope it's a good one for you :)
  • Hi Hogs-my reso -its tuned to (fat string first) A E A Csharp ...I think! it may be slightly sharper or flatter but thats the pattern of tuning-like I say, I just turned the tuners til it sounded good.sorry it took so long to reply.
  • love the laurel & hardy vid those guys always make me chuckle...
  • Thanks mate, just messing about really but I quite liked it.
  • That's the one I got, put it all together, didn't bother with vol pot, and it worked a treat. I then decided to put in a jack socket to plug it into a cab and the bloody thing is playing up now and I cannot find WTF is going on. Put it down and will go back when I get the urge.
  • It was a 1watt kit, ive assembled it but not sure of where 9v, volume pot,on off switch etc..
    should go or in which manner they are conected to each other (like i said im a numpty)
  • You could not be more right. They are great company and keep you sane.
  • Sorry for your loss fella
    dogs are great healers cause they do stupid things to make us smile.
    and it dont matter what you look like as long as you tickle there belly and make their leg shake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    barney is the most cuddly dog ive ever come across, a real slobber dog.
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