St. Andrews, Nova Scotia Canada


July 20

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  • thanks for the info...i have several schematics for LM386  based amps...will give that a try...like my chances being shocked by a 9 volt battery versus houselhold AC

  • Hey Scott, got a query about those 4 string hardtails: Can they be modded to be top loading? Dunno why Ben sells bottom loading 4 string ones but top loading 3 string ones....

  • High there Farmer Ted! Thanks for the Nice Comments! There are some detailed fotos on my page if you like! In the slide show! Its a hollow body looking like a solid, Modelled mostly after the "FUTURA"From the chief builder From Fender Ted MacCarthy it my own painjob Pollock style, tree differend style Pickups ,interschangeble, headstock strat bowl

    but strait neck. its one of my oldest builds,  Greeetsszzz A.D.

  • Messy ain't it,that was 4 years ago much neater now306370628?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Absolutely! Helluva conversation starter....in my 30 years of playing, it has to be the coolest piece I've owned!
  • Only 20 hours left on that auction :c I'll have to go find some trees to cut before I can afford it. I'll probably manage by the end of the week.

  • Scott

    Yes the larger ones, they are pricey but for a hard core Keith's lover they are unique. If your in the city let me know I have a wine box here if you want it, I can sent a pic and dimensions if you want. The storm has changed to rain here  in the last 30 minutes, I better go shovel.

    Talk to you later

  • Scott, check out this link bro. It's the digital recording studio I was mentioning earlier today....and right now I paid more for just the Music Maker...than all whats there for 49.99.


  • nice looking guitars you got here mr te3d,things are looking great,hey thanks for your coment,

  • Scott

    Im working on another Dulcimer and I made a hollow or 3 piece fret board. I have a small speaker from a smoke detector and was going to use it as a pickup

    1 do you think it will work ok as usually i have used piezo's from alarms but this is actually a small speaker with a Mylar like cone

    2 were would be the best place to put it , inside the 3 piece fret board 



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