Home Brew Champ Tube Amp

A friend gave me an old Forcite explosives box. I had a home spun Fender 5F1 Champ chassis on my bench that was finished this past summer. It was built from scratch, using two re-claimed transformers and vintage 10" speaker, and a donor chassis.

I added a wenge face plate and birds eye maple front trim to cover up some minor box damage.

Also realize after seeing the photo, I need to drill a hole for the lamp to show through the front (it's covered up right now).

Tubes are a 5Y3GT rectifier, 12AX7 pre-amp/gain stage, and a single 6V6GT for about 5 watts output.

This thing is loud, great tone, breaks up nice when driven hard.

Forcite Champ Amp 017.JPG

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  • It must work well and your enjoying it because we haven't heard anything in a while.

  • Looks great Scott, but where's the sound sample/video? LOL


This reply was deleted.