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  • Finally got around to posting the new build made with the help from George McLeod

    He let me use his tools and CNC machine to inlay the head stock. He said he needed to pay me back for some help I gave him but I think I still owe him for all his help.

    See gallery below


  • Hi Robbie ,  Swamp witch guitars  (me)  is in Woodstock On, not too far from  you .. and here are some Kingston folks... 


  • Hi all! Anyone from Kingston Ontario area?

  • WOW is right - destruction is amazing and sad - fortunately so far no loss of life. 

  • Thoughts are with fellow Canadiens (Ontario and Quebec) in the path of whats being called "Tornado of Apocalyptic destruction ". from Ottawa to Gatineau , and headed for Montreal. YOUTUBE VIDEOS ARE COMING IN OF THE DESTRUCTION .. WOW ..
    We are fine and safe where we are . it basicly started here as a storm , and gained strength as it traveled . STAY SAFE FOLKS .

  • Play guitar ?  Ride VIA RAIL for free ! 

    VIA  (CANADA)  has an "Artist on board"  program , that provides free  Travel in exchange for entertainment .  (limited destination sites  and  times ,)

     checK it out here . 


  • Any Canadian members in the Grey Bruce Owen Sound area of Ontario? Maybe even Huron Perth and west Simcoe?

  • I found a supplier in Canada (Ontario) for electronic components, such as capacitors, 1/4" jacks and plugs. I needed capacitors to reduce feedback and noise from the piezos as per Ben and Glenn on cigarboxguitar.com. My small community lacks any sort of electronic supply shop. www.nettyelectronics.com (Earl Andrews) had the parts I wanted, good prices, and fast (arrived in two days). He charges postage but not handling fees. He does not have piezos.

  • hi Peggy . as per your question,  it is best to reply to posts from  the CANADIAN  CLUB  here, just like you  posted the  first one below .  it will just show up ontop of the list  , not as a reply under a specific member .  There is no real  reply button , just  post again  . (you can address  the member in your first line  as i just did . 

    as for the rest on the nation . or folks  on here also . if you wish to post a private message  , you must first friend request them  , and they must accept . or accept a  friend request from them .  then you can send  private  "emails"  through cbn  , from their  page  , or just by clicking on their name in a post . 

    you can also leave a comment on their page as you did earlier to another member , but  these are not private . 

    hope that helps . 

  • Hi Peggy. I’m in Moncton area but am heading to North Sydney on the 19th. I have some extra time if you want to meet up?
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Ontario Get Togethers?

Does anyone know if there are any groups or get-togethers in this vast area of Ontario? There's lots of stuff on line but just wondering about real people get-togethers to share ideas etc. The ukulele world has us beat.

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2 string G Bass

Hi everyone  good to see there is a Canadian CBG. I know you can buy full kits for 2 string G-Bass but I do not want a kit I like building my cigar box guitars from scratch. So I was wondering if anyone has plans for a 2 string G-Bass or know where I can order a copy of the plans thanks

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Selling your CBG'S

My question is straight forward for any of you that do market places or shows to sell your guitars. How many guitars do you bring with you to do a show? Thanks for all who answer.

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2019 - fancy and colourful cigar boxes will be illegal in Canada; cigar boxes may become scarce

The Canadian govt plans to pass legislation requiring plain packaging of cigarettes and cigars. To come in effect about May 2019 THIS MEANS NO MORE FANCY COLOURFUL CIGAR BOXES AT YOUR LOCAL CIGAR STORE. If the cigar stores even survive. Read the following: “Health Canada acknowledges that if their Bill is implemented fully, more than fifty percent of the cigars currently available in Canada will disappear from our shelves as most manufacturers will refuse or be unable to comply with the new…

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