August 14

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  • Yup, I knew sooner or later I'd find a good use for technology, lol

  • Thanks man. Nice job on the gourd banjo. I sent a copy to wes carl also since he mentioned adding some dobro. If he does we can re-post as a 3 way collab.

  • https://youtu.be/YVC3QbPRV74

    This is the link to your video that I added some fiddle to.

  • Mr.C

    Here is the standard forms sent out to all vendors. There were a few small changes made as we are growing in size this year in response. Recommend securing your spot early.

    Vender rules and guidelines

    Vender booths for 2015 festival are flat rate $35. 10x10. No guarantee of canopy’s this year.  There will be a limit of 10 electric outlets with an additional $10. surcharge

    Payable to Pay Pal acct# frogking1958@yahoo.com. Your payment is your receipt.

    Electric junction box is located on north parking lot and so any hook ups and so venders must supply their own extension cords and secure them.

    Please, no food or drink from outside brought to this event such as lunches, drinks coolers!

    Venders are expected to conduct business professionally.
    Clean their area up promptly after 06:00pm following the end of fest. As the saying goes, leave it better than we find it.



    1.  ARRIVAL AND SETUP: Participants must arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.  

    All vehicles must be removed from festival area by 11:00 a.m. and they will not be allowed back into the area until


    3. LICENSES / TAXES: Vendors are responsible for the licenses and taxes related to their sales.

    4. CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds for cancellations within two (2) weeks of festival.

    5. WEATHER POLICY: Participants should remember that this is an outdoor event and will be

    subject to inclement weather (rain, wind, etc.). We will close the show only under extreme

    weather conditions. The vendor should be aware that Hwy 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen will not accept any

    responsibility for goods damaged due to inclement weather. The vendor must make their own decision

    to set up or not set  up their display.  There will be no refunds because of weather.

    6. With application and vendors fee, please supply a one or two paragraph CBG bio, sample pictures of work and website information if applicable.  This will be listed on STLCBG.com the website of our festival and may be used in advertisement for the event.

    6. MISCELLANEOUS: If you have any questions, please contact Steven Miles @






  • keep writin'em ..im not great by any stretch, but I got some good advice once...play around with the song( voice and play) till your comfortable with it...then play play play till it matures and is polished till it shines   o and we'll all be famous after were dead

  • Thanks much.  I'll try to make it this month.

    9AM?  A little early to start drinkin'...I'll bring my Irish coffee and a donut.

  • Yes.  Will be there. Missed last year.  Is there a regular CBG jam group in the St. Louis area?

    Out here, adrift, all by my lonesome with my funny looking box.

  • Also, I learned the "palm muting" technique last night.  When you lay your right  hand on the saddle.  Makes a big difference in the sound and kinda evens out the strings.  Still working on it.  Thanks for all your tips and tricks!

  • The "takes a Train" songs has been emailed!  Sorry, I thought we had until July!  I'm crap at recording but for a live take I think it came off pretty good

  • Mr. C we will start meeting at HWY 61 Roadhouse on Feb. 22 at 9:00 am till ? Hope to see you there.

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