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  • I'm don't think I have a problem but my wife is wondering if there is a spousal support group.
  • "Nature's Lawnmowers"...Sounds good to me.

  • Wow that was me 3 weeks ago weed wacker mower broke had to get my contest entry done my back yard looked like wild life refuge hell just helped build 20 or so cbgs at the stlouis fest already have gears turning for the next one going to be tuff top the gator but buy the next fest ill have something cooked up
  • You know you are addicted if you own more that 7 CBG and the grass in your yard is over 3 feet high.

  • This morning the manager of the Home depot chased me away from his dumpster cause I was diving to find the perfect wood scrap for a tail piece

  • Hi! My name is Dano and I'm addicted to things with strings! LOL!!!

  • Just finished build #10 a couple of weeks back and figured that considering the time of year I would take a little time off before the next one. Since that time, a box and boards out in the shop have been showing signs of a new build coming together. Is it possible that I could be building in my sleep? Do I have an alternate me that is out there working while I am doing other things?

    I'm beginning to think that there must be some Cigar Box Pixies living out there. Should I call an exterminator or just watch and see what happens?

  • Ah...This explains a lot of things. Tinkerbell is one of my inspirations and I have a closet where all of the boxes are stored together. I shall go and meditate in the room of the closet and all will be good.

  • Thomas, CBG's work on the reverse Tinkerbell principle. When a box is converted another one pops into existence. Storing them together does increase this effect as does scouring flea markets, junk stores and ebay. Be at peace with yourself.

  • Is this a Karma thing? Seems like for every one I build at least two more boxes or tins show up. I've built six assorted instruments so far and now I have a dozen assorted boxes, cans and cookie tins waiting. I think I need a bigger closet.

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