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  • I've a 3-acre lawn between Watertown and Lebanon. Pick a weekend date and let's get together. Contact me....especially if you play a dulcimer.

  • Greetings from Lawrenceburg, TN!!! Anybody in southern middle TN???

  • hey ya'all. i'm new to this group and just wanted to introduce myself.

    my name is Myke and i'm from Memphis Tennessee. i'm a player and

    a builder. i've posted some pics and some tunes if anybody would

    like to see or hear my work. i build and record at home. i'm really

    interested in other peoples experiences with recording CBG's.

    also,would love to hear from fellow CBG'ers in the Memphis area.

    so once again, hey ya'all.  Myke

  • Hey David, haven't met anyone close by yet, there's gotta be a few more of us though.

  • Hey Bruce Seymour eh? Starting to think I was the only one around here addicted to these things. Heard of anyone else around us?

  • Here's a couple I just finished.


  • Hey David, I'm just over in Seymour.

  • Hey folks! East TN here in Maryville. Any folks in here close by? Just finished my first CBG tonight and looking for some folks to learn from and share some ideas!

  • Hey Gary, sounds good.

  • I'm in Watertown (near Lebanon). Let's get a group going.

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Need musicians for a band!!!

I've been building for a while and will soon be releasing my first CBG blues album.  This is more electric blues like ZZ Top, Stevie Ray, and Glen Kaiser Band.  I need a bass and drummer.  I wouldn't mind a lead player, but I did handle those duties on the record.  So, I could do that if the rhythm section was tight. It doesn't have to be homemade to play with Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band.  It would be cool, but standard gear is more than good enough.  Age really isn't a concern.  You just…

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Meet, Greet, Show-and-tell?

If there's an interest in meeting for an evening or part of a weekend, I'd be happy to host. There's a couple of open porches, about 3 acres of lawn, and 13 acres with a brook, trees, etc. between Lebanon and Watertown. If you're interested, drop me a line. Gary

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