Newark, CA


January 20

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  • David,


    Thanks for the Friend request. No, I haven't yet had time to make any vids / sound files of my boxes yet. Life, in the form of my children's lives, and my performance alter egos in amateur theater and chorale performances, has done it's usual seasonal rearing of it's ugly head. I can kinda describe the sound to you, though: these things DO NOT have the warm, mellow roundness of the high-end Taylor rosewood and spruce boxes that I lust after ;-). Compared to even my cheapo Yamaha acoustic six string, they sound higher pitched and somewhat "banjoey." But they compare favorably, with deeper bass resonance, to my Martin backpacker, which sounds almost like a banjolin, and are generally deeper voiced than most cigar boxes (because they have at least 50% more volume of air to push). They are louder than both of my Middle Eastern ouds, one Iraqi, one Turkish, but have roughly the same volume. Best I can say is warmer and deeper than the tinny sound of a banjo, but in the same sound "family," maybe somewhat like a larger Russian balalaika? I'll see if I can find some time over the next few weeks / month to create some sound files for you to compare to.

  • hiya, glad you liked the Canjo thing : -)

  • Love the stomp pedal icon, gotta get me one of those!

    Hey, after reading your last comment to members of the res box group I have to recommend that you NEVER read this thread! It is full of the ramblings of mad men and speaking for myself, meanderings of fools! Avoid it at all costs! Seriously!

    One last tip/reminder, when you "message all members" of a group we have no way of directly responding. Works far better to "start a discussion."

    Have fun and :see: ya around!


  • Thanks for the friend request. Enjoy your builds!
  • Yews  thanks for friending me !  we'll talk a lot
  • Thank you David for your friendship. Enjoy, Keni Lee
  • Thank you David for your interest and question. CD 4 and 6 are both for 3 string CBG. My friend Bill is currently building me a Diddley Bow, so stay tuned for those videos. Please feel free to write if any questions arise as you work through the lessons. Enjoy your practice, Keni Lee
  • Thank you David for joining my group. Feel free to write if you have any questions. Please check out my instructional video CDs:


    Enjoy your practice, Keni Lee

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