I couldn't figure out how to phrase that for a site search, so I'm asking here.

I have a cbg that I built, 22" scale thereabouts, and I want to tune it to DGBD, but, with the thinner strings I have on there, all I can make work is AC#EA.

What guidelines do I need to follow to get the tuning I want with this short scale.  I built it a couple of years ago, and can't remember what gauge strings I put on there.

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  • Here is an article that may help too:


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    • thank you guys.

  • String Tension 101 - there is some information worth examining at this link.

  • your scale length is around 2-3 frets shorter than a standard guitar...

    so if you (temporarily) adjust each target note to compensate for that you can work out which guitar strings to use.  If in doubt hold it up against a regular guitar so the bridges line up.  Where is the nut? at fret 3 (on the regular guitar)? 5? etc.   work it out from there..

    depending which octave you're shooting for id be looking at probably the low 4 from a 7 string set or 2-5 in a regular (light-ish) set.

    • So, do you mean, look at my shorter scale as though it was capoed on a longer scale, and work out what strings give me the desired notes at that location?

    • Right on
    • Thanks Phryg.

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