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  • salut skeesix bonne année

    je vois que tu es toujours au rendez vous 

    moi j'ai quitter paris suis rentrer pour rentrer dans l'ile de la réunion ou je suis né a la retraite et je reprends le cours de cigar box nation et espère

    pouvoir échanger a nouveau

    je voulais dire impossible de voir tes micros sur eBay 

    mais peut être que l'ile de la réunion est trop loin ou trop cher

    bonnes inspirations



  • I really like the sound of your guitar on the 2021 Christmas album. Great Song !

  • Your pickups look really nice and sound good from the demo videos I've seen/heard. I may need to use one on a future build. CBN is a great way to find folks making stuff like this. Thanks.

  • Just ordered a scorch n twang ,,, got a commit from a Doctor to make him a "fine one" and needed a really good pup .. U my choice



  • Hey hey skeesix, the 4 pole PUP sounds great! I think the guy i made the guit for is coming this evening to get it. My time to play on it is limited. Hppe you have another one, cos now I MUST have one in a guit for meself. Thanx again, you make awesome stuff.
  • Hey Skeesix, I received my prewired pickup and jack yesterday. Fast delivery. Thank you very much for the directions, too.

    Great job. Thanks again.


  • Skeesix, the pickup on your slide guitar instructionarl video sounds nice & crisp. Whats your secret? Do you have a decent amp? (All I have is a crappy Honeytone...)
  • Hi Skeesix - Thanks for leaving a comment with my last vid. You asked how I got the vocal effect - its not very clear from the vid but I'm using an old telephone ear-piece as a microphone. Inspired by Bluesbeaten Redshaw and Bol Log III. The signal is then routed via some distortion, a bit of compression and then a little reverb was added. 

    Glad you liked the vid and here's wishing you a wonderful 2011.

  • cheers, yeah I think someone else said about it sounding a bit Eastern...and yeah the Caribbean sound, I get that...anything's possible with these home made things : -)
  • love your "Foxy Carol"!!!

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