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  • Hi LJ,

    Found you on YouTube thanks for the great lessons they've even helped an old dummie like me to learn how to play a CBG.

  • Now then LJ - been a long time mate - saw your name and though i'd stop by to say hello hope you and yours are all keeping well - not seen you around for a long time bro

    juju :)

  • Yes, very much a beginner. I've tried picking up guitar a few times in my life but became discourged easily(left handed and big fingers). I'm having a ball now and it's now obvious I should have left the 6 stringers alone. ;)

  • Hi LJ,

    I've enjoyed your tube begginers intruction very much. Hope all is well.



  • hey bro ll jj a biscuit piezo is a new thing for me.its the first time i ever tried it,what i did is install a piezo element inside the biscuit of the resonator that sets under the bolt bridge and sets on three cans inside the box. so its wired hot direct,i plan on getting a live oak 3 pole pup to install and then run a blend pot between the 2 powerplants. ought to be an interesting combination. thanks for the comment.
  • great hanging out and jamming with ya hope we can do it again
  • MR.LJ,,,Was great meeting you.loved your playing...after much beggin and arm wrestling i was able to obtain your great build...it was perfect... http://www.cigarboxnation.com/photo/simple-start?context=user
    thank you.i take great pride in owing a lj.hope to see u again in de near future...
  • Your very welcome bro!!! You have some nice builds there. I can't wait till I get to that level of building!!!! As far as the Edge box, I am going to have to pass. I am saving that one for a future build. I know how hard it is to find one of them, and I was lucky that a friend had it and was able to let it go!!!!!!!
  • Don't worry about building a lefty before the gathering. Let's just see if I have anything you want. I'm really intrigued by your LBow. Don't know if he's on here but DF Duck is the 1st guy I ever heard of building a 2 string DB & that was at least 7 years ago. I love the longer scale & deep bass of yours, I'd want the strings much closer so I could pluck them. I look forward to meeting you LJ.
  • Got about a dozen heads so far!
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