Littlehampton, West Sussex


July 28

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  • thanks man for the comment on my tabaco burst .
  • good idea specially for a rough ass saw jockey like me...
  • just noticed the nut on one of yr photos, is that stainless angle you've used? looks neat
  • cheers julian, really enjoyed the build. more on the way but got to learn to play it now lol :0)
  • really like the idea of that inverted jelly cone cbg just that bit different to make it stand out from the rest brings a whole new meaning to get into that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans cheers
  • Hi julian thanks for the welcome.If you get time could you take a loook over these sites to see if there is anything of interest to get me started.I checked that ebay link you sent me looks good.So im still researching before i take the plunge and order parts.Looks like im going to find no short supply of advice from these guys as well thanks again...




  • thanks julian fer da nice comment bout my 1886 build,you gots some nice builds here fer sure. i admire yer work greatly. those f-holes on yer first build are very distinguished and the rest of the build is really top notch.[i seem to like solid wood boxes best] but then the montecristo gets as good or better than yer first,then even more greatness with the caribes box. i would have to say 5 stars plus on all three builds.
  • WELCOME to the madness!!! A new revolution has started, it seems...I've posted photographs of MY contribution to the cause, the Lyra Mbira (pronounced LEER-A M-BEERA), wherein the kalimba meets analytical cubism...LOL!...CHEERS!
  • Ah well, next year mate!
    Yep, those boxes are nice - they sound great too (used one a while ago for a 4 string), but I know what you mean about them being flimsy. Had the twin apart that many times the dovetails let go... ho hum, more work
    Right, lots to pack so I best get going
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