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  • Thanks for your comments Tom, glad you like the boxes I've been building

  • You double-posted a discussion...

  • Thank you Tom for your reply. Youtube / Google / Ebay are great resources for research. The trick is to find the keywords that reveal the treasures. Enjoy your build. Enjoy your practice. Happy New Year. 

  • thanks for friending me... the best,  Wichita Sam
  • Hello Tom, I answered your question in the discussion group, but also consider my instructional video CDs (www.ebay.com / search: keni lee) CD 1- 3 for 6 string, CD 4 for 3 string, CD5 for 4 string. I think you will find them helpful with your CBG practice. Enjoy.
  • Thank you Tom for your comments. I am glad to be of help. Please feel free to write if I can be of any further assistance. Check out my CD 1 (6 string). I think it will answer many of your questions and help you design your own approach. My instructional video CDs for CBG are based in open G tuning. Good explanation of theory on them too. Enjoy.
  • Hey Tom, Welcome looks like u have a good start on your first build after that don't be afraid to try things or ask for advice... tc
  • Tom, thanks for the holler. I live over in the SE side of the state in the dry, sunny part. I live just outside of the Tri-Cities out in the boondogs. There are several builders in the state. I haven't done any building in quite a while but will get back to it one day. I have too, I have quite a collection of boxes to use up! I like building instruments but I can't play anything. I've also built tongue drums and Native American flutes. Just too many hobbies....
  • Thanks for the comment Tom . I'm new at this also . I signed onto the "Nation" less than a week ago . My late Dad was from the Missippi delta and i grew up hearing about "box" guitars but never saw one . So a few months back I found a cigar box and "googled" "box guitar" . I was "shocked" ! So I researched and started collecting parts . I have only built two CBG's . Tom ,.. You gotta build one !!! Once you hear "that" sound you'll be hooked !!!
  • Hey neighbor !!! I live in Vancouver Washington !!!
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