November 25

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  • WOW! Thank you Patrick, I accept your generosity.  I will when I can support the "Killer Blues Foundation"  IOU Thanks


  • That sounds like a pretty good arrangement, Patrick. No pun intended. You can use them on your site or anywhere that might be helpful to people. Kind of cool to do stuff like this with someone as far away as Tasmania. That part of the world is definitely on my bucket list!

  • Hey Patrick, was that a program of some type that generated the tab? Pretty cool stuff.I hope to do a few more of those type videos and if you could do that tab thing with them I think quite a few folks could benefit.


  • Man, Retro boogie and the Long ride are in the zone- the rock n' roll zone!

    Good listening or highway music there for sure, keep them coming.

  • Yeah, man, it came out better than o.k. Direct in can really do it and that's what

    I go to as well. Thanks!

  • I've got to compliment you on your great cover of Ave Maria on the CBN Christmas

    album. I think your presentation conveyed the power due this song and i'm very curious

    as to how you achieved that immense tube driven sound, much less controlled it so

    well. Thanks!

  • mate, what a fine job you done on your ave maria cover for the xmas album.

    it's a favorite of mine and you crafted a superb rendition


  • Patrick, sent you a message, Really Nice Web Site. Well done.!!!

  • Patrick, Midnight Rambler, well done.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well Well Well!!!

    Welcome to the Nation.

    Just back from Woodford.

    Will be fun!

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