Hot Springs Village, AR


December 26

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  • Thanks Gary, yes the bridge is free standing, I may use this design more often dead easy to make

  • Thank Revr; Gary for all your kind comments on the pictures and the poster verry much appriciated ! Greeetsszzz A.D.

  • Thank you sir! Good, look forward to meeting you.

  • Thanks for the comments Gary , Yep collorfull from the lone star state and whit my initials, and the allu plate sounds loud ! 

  • Hi there Gary ! sorry glad your back ! (Did not know that you was gone) Yep Great New Year ! and may all be bestowwed on you in any way the Good Lord has intended it to come down on you !Greeeeettssszzz A.D.

  • That a good one Gary! will lime it up ! then as you say !

  • Hi there Gary !yep a hassle when its that small broke a couple on that one, but its the cherry on the cake, even ages the corn can whit gunbleu to age the metal, it look't to new, now its more in tone ,and im pleased whit the corncan rezz effect its loud and amped up you can realy Jazz it up! Thanks for your kind like there Gary ! will do a sound ample soon greeeeettsss A.D.

  • Hello Gary did not meen to ! and yes slowly but surely, its still to cramped for my personal  use , but im happy whit what i got, Man needs a place (room) spot , or what ever to do his thing, and this way  i can do my one Man thing in a resonaly controled maner! thanks and sorry!

  • Thanks for the comments Gary

  • Thanks Gary !Yep now that you mention it she might !! will see! was not on my mind , to bee treu ,More in the Line of BCB (BlackCat Bone) But glad you liked it ! Greeeetszz On Ye !

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