Holland, MI


December 1

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  • Glad you found wfret to be of value. It is still serving me well.

    I just cut the strips out then angle cut the ends of one side so I can line up the overlapping fret lines and then tape the strips together.

    Working on moving beyond the StewMac miter box for cutting the slots to a custom sled on Harbor Freight's 4" Mighty Mite table saw! It should be more versatile technique.
  • Great to meet you too... we stayed overnight Sunday and just got home at noon today. whew! We had a great time but are worn out!
    Stay in touch...maybe we can get together sometime...

  • Hey Murry. you have some questions? ask away. I will try to help the best i can. cbg's are fun and thats how it should be.
  • thanks for the invite, the screws are there to reinforce the head.
  • They are economy P-bass pickups. I buy them on-line at guitar parts resource.

  • keep in mind the dano mod delay gets noisy when you boost the delay time to longer settings . you can hear it chugging away , specially when you are not playing . you can tweak the repeat and mix xontrol to minimize it , or use noise gate / or something .

    its not a huge issue considering i got a 4 pack of dano effects for 30 bucks at GC .

    i havnt tested the cb delay on a guitar amp . that circuit is in my volvo's theramin PA .

    i modded that for a long delay too , and i used a cds cell . when you cover the cell the circuit makes this crash noise , really cool , and it recovers fine w/o a reboot !

    i dont know how experienced you are with cbg's . i only made one so far and 2 amps . i used a piezo , and found i HAD to build a preamp . other folks may say you dont need em , thats cuz their amps can handle a piezo . if you run into that issue , lemme know , i can point you in the right direction to a super easy / cheep preamp circuit .
  • the delay circuit is a modified danelectro echo pedal . stock it has 300 millisecond delay . you replace the timing resistor with a pot and get a log 1000 plus millisecond delay .

    you can get cheap delay boards for cb radios and mod them as well . i think i paid 25 for the one i have , its modded as well . they also have delay and reverb chips you can buy online .

    lemme know if you pull this off , its very interesting to me .
  • Welcome aboard, Murray! You will find lots of helpful folks and information here on all things CBG (CBU, CBB, etc.) Feel free to poke around, ask questions, and post your stuff (photos, recordings, videos, etc.).

    Up in the Free Resources menu at the top, you will see a number of plans for building and playing cigar box guitars/ukuleles/banjos/dulcimers/violins. I encourage you to download any of the plans, take a look at them, and ask questions from there. Also our site is VERY searchable. I bet you your questions have already been asked, so take a few moments and look around.

    Join our Chat sometime (see the bar at the bottom of your browser page). Keep in mind that tho the chat window says there are X number of people online, not all may have the chat window up.

    Most of all, have fun!

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