August 3

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  • hi gobi, just posted some of my rides look ay my page ( ian drury ) on CBnation.
  • Hey Gobi,
    Thanks so much for your note. You're right. We do share a lot of 'idears'! Really enjoyed looking at the work on your site. De 'obtskisten' en de 'auge' are especially wonderful. (Thankfully German and Dutch have enough in common so that i can navigate your sight pretty well.)

    I see you are in Berlin. I'm dying to go to Berlin. I've never been but i've heard that it is a spectacular place to be as an artist.

    I play in a duet called "The Uke Box' We perform, give ukulele workshops and have a traveling musical market. We're busy booking our tour for this summer. Maybe you know of some art/music festivals that we could possibly add to our tour? I'd be happy to receive any information on this subject.

    I'm off to go explore your website some more.
    Bye Gobi.
    Have Fun & Take Care,
  • ok pictures will tell story,you shall see .
  • hey, Gobi how are ya today? just wanted ta explain the madness of the redwood solid body build i,m workin on. the pic you commented on shows the back of the guitar,and the aluminum can in it has an open top. what i,m gonna do is make a wood cover plate and install the mag pup in the wood cover plate.the wood cover plate will set on top of the open can and the can will house the mag pup to produce a resonator type sound but it will be from an electric point of view instead of an acoustic point of view. its a theory that has been tested before by a man named Zemaitis.he used this design on the solidbody guitars he built. he put the pickups in a can to get the resonator type sound from them.
  • Hey, Gobi I saw you mentioned wanting to pick up your guitar again after a long while in your comment on the podcast page. When I got into cng's I had not played in about 10 years. I have fell in love with stringed instruments more than I did back when I got my 1st guitar when I was 14. Build yourself a cbg- you will be instantly hooked! ---Joker
  • Welcome aboard, Gobi! You will find lots of helpful folks and information here on all things CBG (CBB, CBU, etc.) Feel free to poke around, ask questions, and post your stuff (photos, recordings, videos, etc.)

    Most of all, have fun!

  • oh sorry i forgot to welcome you. welcome to the great cigar box guitar nation Gobi. lots to see and hear. have a great time and don,t be afraid to ask questions cause most folks here are very helpful.
  • Gobi if you go to the video page here at the nation,i have a video of the jello pan resonator. you can hear it there,best description i can give. its on page 5 of the video pages. check it out,its kinda loud acousticly.
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