New Market, IN


September 6

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  • Mr. JerryRig
    Could you explain how your snare is connected to your HiHat.
    I'm playing with a suitcase kick bass and a HiHat.
    I wanna add the snare.
    Haven't seen any photos as of yet.
    Thanks Sir
  • Hi - have you shorted out the second coil? That should fix it if you haven't. Else just try different permutations of the connections before you solder it - should be possible to reduce it quite considerably
  • If you've got a plank and an E string you've got a diddly bow to test your pickup. Interesting comment - thanks
  • Hi - I replied to your comment on the video - thanks for watching it
  • howdy, i just stopped by ta say---a zither pin is used on instruments like zithers mountain dulcimers and some harp type instruments in the place of tuning keys. and the fretboard on the vintage nutrua build is cocobolo and its a martin reject fretboard i got from e-bay relatively cheap. thanks fer yer questions.happy to answer when i can.
  • Hey Jerryrig, New Market is kinda near Louisville Ky right? I think I want to try to get a cbg gathering worked out for next summer for folks in the tristate area. Would you be onboard? I don't think I want to do a full on fest but maybe just something where all the cbg folks can get together and jam, trade building techniques and stuff like that. What do you think?
  • Jerryrig, thanks for the comment on my vid. Gald you liked it. I like to use heavy reverb on the vocals, big influence from The John Spencer Blues Explosion
  • hello just stopped by ta let you know the final pics of the red brick guitar are coming up shortly--check them out--the pickup is a tesla transducer built by ted crocker.it sounds good and i,m going to do a video soon also if you would like to hear it. thanks.
  • Thank you Jerryrig240. The secret really is the Pinnacle movie making software that I received as a gift from John McNair. He really fixed me up. I used to use Windows Movie Maker, but it does not have the same excellent sound quality as Pinnacle. I am only using a little Canon Power Shot SD300 camera with a built in mic to shoot the video. Thank you for your comment. Enjoy.
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